Chocolate egg holiday monday


it’s a bank holiday but i’m at work. are you at work?

thought all the eggs would have been discounted by now but I guess it’s still easter so tomorrow is the big day


I’m not at work but I do need to plan some classes for the rest of the week.

I should probably leave the house or something but I feel it’s more important to get the best value from my last day of holiday, so I’ll try to stay on my sofa as long as possible.

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think i’ve left my headphones at home.

oh no.

6-3 for me today. Will possibly go for a bike ride later. Boring day

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morning japes. I am indeed at work. it’s fine though, lot a people off today so not much going on. yeah what is the story on these discounted eggs then, will I get anything good in sainsbo’s today or will I have to wait?

I should be at work but im not. Need the money and our project is badly behind but pretty sure nobody else could be arsed to come in and open up the office.

Need to go to the gym today, eaten and drank like shite this weekend.

hastag pray for japes

i only tried tescos and couldn’t find any so dunno if it’s the same everywhere

if anyone can find discount eggs please advise

yeah this. need to be on best behaviour for the rest of the week.


I’ve just read that some public toilets next to my old primary school and near my mum and dads have been converted in a two bedroom house and it’s valued at £750,000.

Crazy. The housing market really is screwed.

With the wife’s extended family in Sheffield and this wanker little kid has brought a puking bug to spread around :nauseated_face:

hi japes.

not at work. mr pn’s gone for a bike ride (i couldn’t be arsed / have lots of life admin to do) so i have the flat to myself.

so far:

eaten breakfast and had some tea :white_check_mark:
tried to fix the pannier to my bike using p-clips :negative_squared_cross_mark: (need some nuts)
tried to see if my massive 11l saddlebag fits my new bike instead of using panniers :white_check_mark: (still worried about clearance and it wobbles like fuck)
bought mr pn a good birthday present :white_check_mark:


shortlist hotels

sort bike gears and maybe clean if it doesn’t rain
make an extremely elaborate lunch

probably put some music on, shall i?

Alright japesy, hope work isn’t too much of headphones-less drag.

Just watching Postman Pat there on channel 4. Going out for coffee at 11am and then schlepping back to East London. Overground is predictably borked :confused:

M&S - no discounted eggs

Having eggs and coffee. Frasier’s not on though, stupid bank hol!

chocolate eggs?

Spent my morning so far on the phone to SKY. The TV department made me cry :sob: Then I spoke to the phone and broadband department and they were lovely :sun_with_face: so I suppose that’s something. Not the best start to the day.

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Never again.

the old good cop bad cop routine

don’t take any of their pish, witches

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morning sexy people!

my moderately good mood continues to hold. Here’s my advice to everybody; give up alcohol.