Chocolate Selections

Roses > Quality Street > Celebrations

Just gonna post that like Heroes don’t exist?


Quality Street > Miniature Heroes > Roses > Celebrations


I was very disappointed when I revisited these over the Festive period

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These things are irrelevant for the next 11 months!


Can’t tell Roses and Quality Street apart, just give me all the fruit cremes and maybe a single caramel for a palette cleanser.

Can’t remember which ones are Celebrations and which ones are Heroes either. Doesn’t matter, I’m not fussy the greediest man alive.

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Nonsense. This is the ideal time for a drains-up strategic review of recent performance

Quaity Street Strawberry Creme > Any individual item from any other tub.

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Wait a second, I’m going to slag off epimer.

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You seem a bit dim.

Ferrero Roche

State of this


Quallo > Celebrations > Roses > Heroes

Our neighbours have apparently got a big bag of toffee pennies for me. They received a couple of selection boxes for Christmas but neither of them like the toffees. I, on the other hand, love them. Cashback!

Reckon they’d all be improved by a mint chocolate option in there somewhere.


It’s not important information to me. I’m going to be eating fistfuls of them anyway, learning the names will just slow me down.

Surely Shiggles toffee penny is not suitable for the elderly.

Not with their dental issues. More for me!

Frozen Creme Egg Twisted from Miniature Heroes is good

Best thing about my wife is that she likes all the fruit muck ones.