Chocolate Selections

I’m not your wife.

My partner and I also have excellent confectionary compatibility (this might be a thread?)

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Prove it

I was going to say “well, for one thing I’m sexually attracted to you” but I think everyone’s a bit too delicate for that one today.

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My only issue is that she doesn’t eat as many so it is obvious that I have been caning the ones I like. Should start just binning a few strawberry creams or orange crush when I take my fistful.

I think it’s unlikely that she is keeping count or score.

Yeah but just to be sure I will start doing this 4 chrimbo '19.

Remember mingles

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I do!


Too good for this world

The dog from the Tweenies, right

I only really liked the dark chocolate ones but After Eights exist so no real loss

No the chocolates

I remember a Milk Tray Bar. That was good

What irks me is Mars don’t do an equivalent of (Nestle) Quality Street and (Cadburys) Roses.

And Nestle don’t do an equivalent of (Mars) Celebrations and (Cadburys) Heroes.

So I cannot do a meaningful comparison.


I can tell this has been bothering you for a while.

Too right.

Do you respect Cadbury’s for having a horse in both races?


Kit kat? Rolos? Ideal for miniaturisation.

But a rolo is already the same size as a chocolate selection box item. If you miniaturised it it would be teeny, teeny wee.