Choo choo choosday

Mornin team, just jumped in the train en route to London. Travelling with Lo-Pan snr so it’s first class. I have never got the train first class to London.

Meeting in the big smoke then flight back up later.

It’s fucking pishing down in Glasgow.
What’s on today team?

Fuck sake you’re in London when there’s a meat on but you’re flying home instead? Outrageous.

I’ve got the train to work for only the third time since February. I’ve actually got a seat.

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Climb at lunch
Evening calls with US
That’s about it really

Fucking ridiculous PN :frowning:
Would have loved to have stayed and hung out with you all but far too much on at work. There will be a next time :+1:


Having some fairly extreme vegan Thai curry-centric regrets right about now.

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On the train to work, hay-fever eyes and hay-fever sneezles…

So, work and then not a lot this evening. Should be a fairly smooth sailing day, visibility good with winds (not bum wind) around force 3, perhaps 4 at times.

Terrible nights sleep again. Today is going to be another struggle.

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morning all

the details of my life are quite inconsequential


how is it only tuesday

Absolutely knackered today. Feel like i’ve been sleeping fine lately but i keep waking up feeling tired af. Got a v. dull day at work ahead and then might go meet some DiS jerks for a beer later.

Join the club, pal

Morning lo-pan, lo-pan senior and DiS :sleeping:

What cool things happen in first class on the way to London? Weave us a tale lo-pan!! Do you get free g&ts? Im going to presume you’re travelling back tonight just in time for that kiefer gig. Get munching on those garlic cloves.

I can report the Bigfoot film was unsurprisingly exactly like the Blair witch project but… a bit shit. I’ve got a theory! in both films they get lost and discover this only after they run into the same log twice… suspicious log, I think the log did it.

I’ve just rolled out of bed- got the day off.

I’ve been instructed to do some hoovering as I’ve left new sock fluff all over the flat the past few days. That aside, I’ve very little planned apart from sitting around with tea and biscuits. Probably watch some more Glastonbury stuff on iplayer.

Had the weirdest dream/nightmare last night, only about 15 minutes after falling to sleep. Need to sort my sleeping out

Today is my last day at work before August. I finish at half twelve.

Had two bagels with Nutella for breakfast and a pot of coffee because the child woke me at half five. Got the train into work because I might be going to the pub after my buffet lunch.

Slept badly.

looking at city break type holidays

Was quite sold on Edinburgh but the hotels up there are ££££ so am now thinking Munich or Stockholm.

had my new KINGSIZE bouncy duvet on last night and slept badly I think because my body thought it was in an unfamiliar bed. Weird

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How did you sleep last night?

  • Fine, thanks
  • Not amazing
  • Terrible!!!

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Pasta would’ve been a better choice pal!!


Worse some shit clothes on the cycle in and got soaked to the bone, truly refreshing.

Getting changed in the office is a bit too commuter-y for my liking, you know.