Choo choo choosday

6:05 train down to London for work :tired_face:
Bought my laptop to work on some music at least. How you, DiS? x

I need to get out of bed but don’t want to get out of bed.

More at nine.


At Heathrow waiting for my flight back up to Glasgow. Didn’t really sleep on the flight back from HK, pretty done in.
Off to see Pigs x 7 tonight at tuts. :+1:


Morning. Friday today thank fuck. Briefly considered phoning in sick cause of my back then remembered I can’t afford to :+1:

Mods, do your thing

sorry your back is bad

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Working all the Easter weekend though aren’t I so I’m not too boasty.

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I am going to That London/the big smoke/whatever it’s called these days. No special reason other than having a few days off work. Planning on going to Temple of Seitan for seitan chicken.


Morning ATT &c

Woke up really disorientated and also dizzy. Good start that. Figured out finally that it was Tuesday and remembered that the plan is to take R up into that London to see some of the things he has seen in his books (primarily Tower Bridge and Tower of London - the stuff we can see without extra travel). My mum is accompanying us too, not sure if this makes it easier or not.

Was wicked miserable before bed so had a bit of a rubbish night’s sleep again

My cold has developed nicely overnight, helped by the fact that I was in the office until beyond the last tube last night.


Just walked past a school and the grass must have been cut this week but then rained on and the smell took me back to primary school so vividly.

Wonder why our olfactory memory is so incredible at time travelling.

No swimming tbis morning as I’ve got too much work to do so I’ll have to wait another week before I can go again :persevere:


Looking forward to a fifth day of non-functioning IT systems :confused:

Hope you enjoyed your travels. Love sniffing out a time vortex.


Morning all,

Still trying to pull my melted face back together after seeing Daughters last night.

Today will take my actual daughters swimming.

Also, this seems appropriate to the needs of the thread


Morning AT, all,

Guess what? I’m still ill. It’s now been two weeks since I started being ill and although that ill went away, the second ill has now lasted a week and it’s very boring and tiring and I just want to breathe again like a real boy.

Decided to come to the office today. Been here a whole hour and not made a coffee yet, so about to rectify that. Bored.

Love that track. Self deprecating raps are the best raps.

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Morning ATT et all.

Going to have a second view of a house today to see if we want it enough to accept a relatively low offer on ours. Not sure yet.

Gonna head to Wanstead for lunch and do some more mastering. Probably fight a boss on Sekiro. Packed agenda for a Tuesday!

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Morning all.

I’ve got an incredibly dull day in work ahead of me so I’m gonna need you all to bring your posting A game today. We can do this guys.

Nothing to report really. Hope you’re all well.

Train to Leeds for a meeting. Leeds is way closer to Newcastle than I thought??

Booked the train back for half four, which means I don’t get to go shopping for records or to Northern Monk, but also means I don’t spend any money on records or at Northern Monk. Have to come down again in a few months, I’ll do fun things then (maybe)