Choo choo choosday

Going to the builders yard in a bit to order the stuff to do my patio. Got my pencil tucked behind my ear in readiness.


Morning all. Sun is out!! MrS made me tea in bed which is excellent.

Holiday view


Is that where you’re staying? Amazing!

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Yep! Not in the actual lighthouse but a surrounding building. It is V cool.

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Still the same server issues as yesterday so no internet in the office. Looks like another day of posting from my phone and solitaire. Hoping the CEO sees sense and tells us all to go home.

Morning lovers. It’s the tv’s birthday today, need to find a posho bakery somewhere in NW london. Any recos?

Otherwise, Coffee + Bagel + Frasier as per.

Morning. Lots to do. Gonna get it done

I wonder what exciting copying and pasting I’ll be doing at work today

Here’s what I’ve done on my train journey. Needs some fleshing out but I think it’s 80% done.


this is awesome!

Come to Ely, dude!

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There’s bound to be some swish stuff in Hampstead, right?

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Cheers dude! Feel like I’m having a lot of fun with production at the moment.

got a nice kinda structured busyness to it

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I went on holiday to Amsterdam once. For 10 days! Felt SO refreshed*
*mentally broken
Though I did come home to new kittens!


Morning all,

I’ve got far too much on at work this week - you’d think being Easter this weekend people might be winding down a bit, but no.

School places are due to be announced later, so quite a key day in Jimbo’s future.

At a conference. Had to get up an hour and a half before I normally do to get to London (pile of wank city). Couldn’t find it for ages and am now in a queue around the block and sweating like a pig. Couldn’t even find anywhere to get a can of Monster. Fuck Shoreditch up the arse with a hedgehog, seriously, fuck off.


really looking forward to seeing some bike wankers and tilly tomorrow


stabbed myself under the nail trying to pick up a staple from the carpet, surprisingly painful