Choo-choo-Tuesday thread

Orright? Bad day at work lined up today, so I need distraction. Off to see Petrol Girls this evening which should be fun.

Alright ssf? Why will work be so bad? I had a good day at the zoo and then dinner with some girls from my hostel - it was nice to hang out with people and not be on my own. I’m driving to Vegas in the morning which I’m not looking forward to - 5 hours of basically desert.

I’ve made it to Glasgow airport…just a 45 minute wait now.

Are you flying somewhere nice?



I’ve heard it’s really great :+1:


We’re actually firing someone today which isn’t great. It’ll be good for everyone in the long run but…in the meantime not ideal. The zoo sounds AMAZE I would like to go to the zoo pls.

…and there’s a colleague on the same flight as me…

Great, someone for you to chat to!


Which national parks did you decide to do from vegas in the end?

The zoo was great (as great as place that keeps animals in captivity can be). I watched two giant tortoises humping - the male made a noise that sounded like ‘wow-ow’ on every stroke and the female looked really unimpressed. They were still at it half an hour later.


I’m doing a three day tour: Zion, Bryce, Antelope and Grand Canyon. Will be a whirlwind but have a helicopter tour booked for GC. Then onto Yosemite but will probably at least drive through Death Valley and Sequoia on the way.


Ah that’s gonna be amazing :grinning: All of those are incredible in very different ways.


sounds familiar :no_mouth:


Weren’t some of the dinosaur noises from Jurassic Park taken from tortoises doing it? Or maybe that’s an urban myth.

Too early. Feel sick. Cba.

Haha I could totally believe it

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Working from wfh so I can go to the doctor later to get some delicious pills to calm me down.

No further plans.

Gotta drive to oxford.

Then interview people.

Then someone decided it would be a good idea to have a working dinner?? UNACCEPTABLE

That is a trifecta of shit right there.

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