Choose Day Thread


Can’t see a Tuesday thread so make merry here.

Went devilishly close to winning a Bostik League Player of the Year award last night. Knew there was a benefit to changing my old Twitter handle to that of my son’s favourite Hendon player.

Short day today, finish at 2pm. Kids tonight instead of tomorrow. Things to do, people to avoid…

Youse lot?

First day back at work after a week off.

Flatmate has just got in the shower before me.

Terrible morning breath.

Travelling next week, so need to get a few weeks worth of work into just this week, and it’s going to be tough. Usual post sickness catch up / pre week away travelling for work work.

Got a meeting with a potential client in that there London. Actually having to wear a suit for the first time in a while. It doesn’t feel right.

Reporting to the cabin with a wetherspoons cappuccino. Hmm.


Have at ate out between 1 and 3 times every day for the past week too, so feel like a bloater (and proper skint too)

Morning all. Slept really badly as our mattress is too soft and our bedroom window faces east so it gets really hot at like 6am at the moment. Really trying not to be grumpy.

Wfh as cba, tbqfh.

Going to figure out exactly how much work I need to do today and how much time I can spend playing Zelda.

Might make a spreadsheet.

Morning all,

My day has peaked already - I had to stop my car while driving round Roath Lake to let a duck lead all her ducklings across the road. It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

Nothing is gonna beat that.

Hope you’re all well.


Going for a run then flogging stuff to GAME I think

server’s off til 9. listening to pink floyd. had to air the portacabin out for a while before it was safe to enter because it smelled like a jockstrap this morning. men are so gross.

All I can say is I hope Natalie can sort this repeater issue!! Or we’re in for a bad day!

Another day of meetings where I won’t actually get anything done. Travel clinic after work to sort out all my vaccinations and then driving to Cardiff.

Morning champs. Blind successfully fitted last night in time for my wife’s auntie and Glasgae uncle’s visit. They’re here until Friday which is a bit :grimacing:

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I’m pleased to report that Cardiff is looking lovely today.

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Moving house today, hopefully.

Waiting for some notification that I can collect the keys.


that bad there these days, eh?


Some of the locals look a bit shifty…

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I think I look cool today :sunglasses:

  • Yes you look cool
  • No you look like a twat

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