Slept like crap, but ready to smash today into next week.

How are you? Are you enjoying waking up every day and wondering how much more the world has unravelled overnight?


I also slept like shite. W-Ing F H though.

Saw trainspotting last night.


Awake since 3am so another “slept shite” here.


Also slept like crap. Found out yesterday I have to work on Sunday which is shit, though ive convinced the boss to pay for a Nandos lunch for us


Fucking bricking it because of course the builders haven’t arrived yet and it seems like they either didn’t return the parking permit at the end of the day (okay, because they have it) or they posted it through the wrong letter box (FUCKING HELL) or else the TMO guy is confused (even more depressing).

This is mega stress for me.


Rubbish nights sleep here also, though I’m blaming that on Monday night beers…

Going to see the Radio Dept later. Dead excited


just got out of bed when the client i’m working for starting skyping me at 8:30. what the fuck? that’s not cool.


Hi ssf

Went to the protest in Leeds last night. Made me feel a bit better about the world and the people in it until I woke up and stupidly read the comments on the Yorkshire Evening Post’s story about it and now I feel a bit sad again.


That’s nice of you but you should probably leave it for them to do


Another vote for Davidoff Wank Sleep. Dog woke me up at 5am and I didn’t really get back to sleep after that. Legit got nothing on this evening and a flat to myself. Might get some wine in and listen to some records.



That’s all I’ve got for today. Thank you.


feel like I just have too much on and my flat is such a tip and it’s really annoying me


get a cleaner in



Slept okay.

My monitor keeps moving and it’s really fucking annoying me.


and maybe take some layers off too, @DarwinBabe.




exactly the same happened in Oxford. Really good spirited march and a bigger turnout than Oxford usually gets for this sort of thing, then the BBC Oxford Facebook post has all this shit below it like

Losers. Why are they allowed to block the high street causing misery for hundreds of people driving?

Oh well… they might find something important to demonstrate about that involves their own country some day…



it’s on one of those arm things and it always moves down and then to the left


I actually can’t think of anything more stressful than having a stranger come in to my home and see/touch all my stuff


Ah, there’s an allen key at the end of the top arm part, most likely? If you can get your bike kit out you should be able to tighten it. (This is what ours are like.)