Choose my lunch

It’s that time again. Team lunch at my new job, all paid for. What am I having?

Starter, main, dessert. The whole shebang.

Wot, no polls?

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very irksome when places have massive menus and the only 3 courses a vegan could have would be: salad - salad - no dessert


Crispy Duck Salad
Shepards Pie w Peas, sugar snaps and baby shoots
Pistachio and raspberry ice cream sundae

You don’t care about us choosing, you’re just showing off aren’t you :smiley:

Regardless, I think you should have:

Tempura prawns/squid or duck liver parfait

Monkfish and prawn curry

Cappuccino cake

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So lazy. Any chef worth their onions should enjoy the challenge!

Also it’s really not hard to bake a vegan cake.


Selfishly I’m not a vegan, so I’ll happily eat all of the meals.

Tempted by an apple tart that costs £8.50 :neutral_face:

tomato and feta salad
halloumi and peppers
pistachio & raspberry ice cream

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It’s a new job so set your stall out early. Either go for the most expensive thing in each course or just say you’re not hungry and go for a couple of different alcoholic drinks each course.

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Champagne Afternoon Tea please. Twice.

Tell them the menu’s too big


That mozzarella with :peach: and pesto looks tasty

No shame order - rib eye steak.

Assuming you need to reign on the spending order - monkfish and prawn curry

I’ve seen people have the choc bombe in the Brighton Ivy - they come and do some fancy melty shit at the table, so that

good thinking. Maybe to that arm linking thing people do when drinking champers but do it with yourself with a glass in each hand.


Capuccino cake

Wear elastic trousers

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Just pick the most expensive things, everyone will assume you’re man of exquisite taste who also isn’t afraid of rinsing the company expense account. Perhaps a main for starter, main then a third main for dessert?

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Crispy prawns & squid
Rib-eye steak
Pistachio ice cream

although when stuff is paid for I quite like going for something I wouldn’t buy myself, as then I am not disappointed about it being a waste of money if it doesn’t turn out great. In which case:

Steak Tartare
Jackfruit bang bang salad
Apple tart (14 mins cooking time?)

Starter: Steak Tartare
Main: Steak Tartare
Dessert: Steak Tartare

With a Bloody Mary

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For context, apparently ‘my’ team smashed a target a month or so ago, so we’ve got £50 per head to spend on this. But yes, I like @jalfrezi’s theory of ordering something I wouldn’t normally, although it’s not like The Ivy’s full of beans on toast and bowls of cereal.

Tempura prawns and salt and pepper squid
Swordfish steak
Chocolate bombe

Sprouting brocolli as a side and Seville G&T as a refresher

Duck salad looks grand but not sure about having watermelon in there?