Choose my own adventure



aka do a poll and you have to do whatever the poll says

I don’t have any coffee. I should:

  • buy some instant coffee
  • buy a real coffee from a cafe

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I can’t think of anything I want to do at the moment.

  • Get on with my work
  • Sod about on DiS a bit more

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"Wait a minute, this isn't Albatross!" (Awful riddles thread)



POLL CLOSED: results binding

real coffee from a cafe it is


we’re all hypocrites, or at least 80% of us are


20% must be saps’ boss


i’ve heard he’s unmanageable (unbossaboutable)


I heard he’s riddled




Thinking about making a snack. Not got much in meaning my options are:

  • Slice of toast
  • Slice of cheese on toast (high effort - please bear this in mind)
  • Banana
  • Pear
  • Some 85% dark chocolate with some ammarretti biscuits on the side

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how is cheese on toast high effort?


in comparison mate.


i’m torn between chocolate and cheese on toast


cheese on toast, then chocolate


unless that’s too much effort


Playing in a poker tournament in April, need to sort accommodation

  • You should stay in the hotel the tournament is taking place in, live it up, order champagne
  • You should stay in an airbnb down the road for £40 a night, you have a family, it would be selfish to stay in a hotel and treat yo’self

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Stay in the hotel, win the tournament (because you’re better rested from being on site) and your decision will pay for itself.


Exactly, €150k is pretty much guaranteed
I’m gonna book 2 rooms!11


Are you allowed to leave the house when you’re off work if you feel a bit better?

  • yes
  • no

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I feel like im not allowed