Choose one!

how do you get on public transport without pavement eh?

Pants + socks (and vest and long Johns if that’s your thing) = underwear

You have to walk to your nearest bus/train station or whatever by going through people’s gardens


I guess if you’re wearing shoes then socks are underwear but if you’re at home then they’re not

However undies is only ever pants.

hmm, could be fun!

If I’m at home then I’m often not wearing anything over my pants but they are still underwear

think they’re just wear at that point

  • +2 health & taunt
  • Charge

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fuck Hearthstone!


…but charge

  • Eggs
  • Toilet paper

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  • Pina Coladas
  • Getting caught in the rain

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  • pissing
  • shitting

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do we deal with the long term problems of not doing either?

Suddenly explode in a massive shower of piss or shit as the case maybe.

gonna take shitting as it’s probably either to avoid pissing like when you go for a really long walk and you don’t need to pee cos you’ve exercised all the wee out of your bladder

  • Mugs
  • Glasses

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Agreed that socks are part of underwear, but if we’re defining ‘underwear’ as pants, I bloody love not wearing pants.

Also, if you needed to you could put a sock on your penis. Ladies could also probably improvise accordingly if needed.