chooseday lunch

stoke newington is my oyster, choose my lunch

  • bahn mi
  • indian
  • pizza?!
  • tacos
  • some kind of salad box from whole foods
  • egg n cress roll from spencer bakery
  • other

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now choose yours

  • eating at home/not on workbook
  • eating at work cafeteria
  • brought food in
  • misery meal deal
  • eating out
  • other

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pls elaborate with your own polls

salad + sausage roll

to go with the latter…(there was no mustard)?

  • ketchup
  • brown sauce

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Just had half a tin of beans and vommed them up. Going to go to sleep now

misery ready meal that i got cheap yesterday when it went out of date

  • prolly fine
  • RIP japes

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was going to supplement it with some leftover chicken, but i left that at home…

so might get an additional yoghurt or something idk

Tin of soup for me.

  • Cream of Mushroom
  • Oxtail

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mushrooms: good
mushroom soup: boaking


RIP aggpa

With good twist of pepper it’s a decent soup. Not my first choice, but neither is oxtail.
Chicken and mushroom is pretty good though, but it’s too early in the week to treat myself to that.

oxtail is top tier imo

way too claggy for this weather maaan

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Working in the lounge of a holiday inn that I did not stay in for…reasons so I am having a ‘posh’ fish finger sandwich in order to validate the stupidly expensive parking. Will supply a picture when it comes.

It’s pretty grim in Manchester, cloudy and barely 17 degrees. And soup is an easy choice.

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fair play dave, mate

when someone says “fair play” do you like to imagine them stopping the game like in rugby and going to VAR and all the additional linesman reaching a decision and then it coming back and getting announced to the stadium: FAIR PLAY

no, me neither


I forgot to bring any food at all to work.
Luckily, my ex colleague who now works in another of our offices abroad is in today and he, very kindly, bought me a subway.
If someone wrote Chipotle mayo on a piece paper detailing their subway choices you would think that means -

  • Chipotle mayo
  • Chipotle mayo AND mayo

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did you get simon mayoed

Three cheese (Taleggio, Brie and Cheddar) toastie

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Was going to go to Co-op but yesterday my big boss messaged me while I was there and today she messaged me when I was dealing with the electrician and now I’m scared that she thinks I don’t actually do any work when I’m working from home* and I’m afraid to leave the house.

So I had half a malt loaf and a jammie wagon wheel


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Bahn mi was an excellent choice


Classic sunny day squinting pose :sunglasses:

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