Alright? Post about your days pls

Morning rich

Currently have a very loudly snoring baby on me. Beautiful and sunny and foggy at the same time outside but I don’t think I can get out there for a while.

Lots of work on today but if I get it done I’ll have a much easier rest of the week. Missing out on a pub lunch today to get it all done, what a bloody sacrifice.

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Lots of good dewey cobwebs today


Couple of teams meetings.

Country pub dinnering this evening, might have a few pints.

Getting picked up for it and dropped of home in the morning like the special princess I am. Let yourself be treated well people.


Fair bit of work to do. Also got to find a new Animal Crossing villager, so it’s going to be a pretty hectic day.

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Bit of a chilly one this morning - couldn’t have been far off a frost. Would’ve been a nice bike ride to work but I was running late, so had to jump on the train.

Only in for a couple of hours, so home by lunch time.

Not totally convinced he wasn’t on one of the later Ornette Coleman albums.


Which one is Dewey Cobwebs, virtuoso contrabassoon player?

Having had a cold over the weekend (three negative lfts, a joy to do when you’ve got a sore throat) I was feeling better yesterday. Absolutely shattered today though.

Ten points available to anyone who can guess which train station this is

Got another day of meetings ahead, and then finally home at 9ish tonight. Really not feeling it this morning.

Packing up orders, listening to Forever Faithless for some reason. Not much else going on today.

Kings Cross


It’s not bLondon Kings Cross


Bins out (green) and washing on as looks like a dry day. A few too many Teams calls ahead this morning before an afternoon of wrapping up work for the week and finalising food plans for Bristol.

Ulan Bator Central?

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had to literally and figuratively step up to the plate this morning, sausages nearing their use by date. pretty full now. :hotdog:


Doing a late school run with a dog with Diarrhea is not advisable. Beautiful morning and i couldn’t enjoy it. Can’t be annoyed with her though!

Going out to do a couple of disciplinary interviews with some (allegedly) naughty boys and have counselling later. Got another kid coming for tea tonight also. Feels like a busy day and i have an itchy bum cheek.

Have fun out there fools x

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It’s not Ulan Bator Central, or any other station in Ulan Bator

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He’s probably there in one of the Free Jazz sessions.

Morning all!

I’m really tired Hi etc.

Might take The Child to the library today. I’m trying to keep things low key but I don’t know if we’ll last the day with this kind of excitement.

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