M is off to juniors today :face_holding_back_tears: i would be emotional were i not so relieved that the holidays are over.

So much to do this week. Pure perma-dread situation. Help!

Wuu2 angels?


Morning! Off to Liverpool for a bit of a rest post-wedding. Managed to extend our stay to over the weekend because my brother is going away so we can stay at his flat. Seeing as traveling light is impossible since having a baby I’ll probably have a stressful morning making sure we’re taking everything we need and I can carry it, but otherwise really excited to be there. Any (inexpensive) food or drink recommendations welcome!


Morning, eldest is back at school today as well. Really fancy some sort of Chocolate Muffin.

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Bonkers. They do grow up so fast.

Been swimming. Gonna have another proper shower then knuckle down on some work I’ve been putting off forever.

Might treat the towels to a wash as they’ll dry quickly in this sunshine.


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Morning all :wave:

Off again today with the Cheeksters. Going to go to an English Heritage property - they can go off and talk to each other/make up an adventure story, and I can enjoy a flask of tea and a sit-down.

Happy with this weather - winter is neverending so a warm autumn is a bit of a consolation.


Got water safety training today. Gonna walk to the training center (the fire station). This weather can fuck off


First day of year 4 for Jim. How?!?!

Miraculously, he’s got himself dressed without us asking, so it’s all going well so far. Just need to take the obligatory doorstep photo in about twenty minutes


Well, the Railway Police are a bunch of jobsworth cunts eh


100 quid fine because I bought a ticket after getting on the train? I paid for the ticket dickhead


It’s going to be far too warm so my only plan for the day is to have at least one Calippo in every orifice at all times

The version of Ballroom Blitz on the Wayne’s World soundtrack is so much better than the original


Last day of school holidays!

Lounge being decorated, im WFH, mother in law coming to look after them…not sure how all this is going to work!

Kids have already been fighting in bed with me and now i can hear them moaning at each other.

Still, suns out!

Good luck to M @Scout - emotional times. I’m sure they’ll have a smashing time. I’ve got to sort uniforms today. grim.

go get 'em fools

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Heard of a few people getting in shit for that. Feel like the rule about buying a ticket before you get on needs some sort of tweak now that e-tickets are a thing. It’s no different to getting on and going to buy a ticket from the guard which is a legitimate thing to do.


Morning all!

It’s not even that warm here yet but I’m already glowing. I helped a woman with a pram up the huge stairs at the station so I’ve done my good deed for the day.

I’m teaching all day and I absolutely cannot be bothered with my job. I’m on strike on Thursday and it’ll be the highlight of my week.

At a “Customer Experience” roadshow today. I have a feeling I’m gonna be told lots of stuff I already know for 7 hours. CANT WAIT.

I’ve put an appeal in cause they started giving a warning out, but only after my station

admittedly I’ve been on the grift for about five years, buying an e-ticket for the last station before my destination to get me through the barriers - but that’s a legitimate act of protest against privatised rail probably


It was ridiculous though, they had to stop actually checking tickets because it took them about forty minutes to administer a fine to every single person they passed by

Did you pay for the ticket before you got hounded by them? Where did you get on?

I do find it funny to see the group of people on their phones buying tickets when they get off and realise there are barriers.

Also, reckon you’ve saved more than £100?

Unsettled stomach for about a week running now - uncool