Chris Cornell - RIP


Has died apparently. Unconfirmed at time of posting.


Unfortunately now confirmed by multiple sources


just saw this too


: (

teenage me is sad and angry



Cochise was an absolute choon


WTF this is out of nowhere. Apparently he’d just finished a show


Yeah, his last tweet from seven hours ago is about it:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author




jfc. absolutely out of nowhere, that.


This is completely nuts.


Seems they played that Detroit show a couple of hours before he passed away.


Thanks for the edit Theo


Soundgarden were one of the keys bands of my youth.
I’m really shocked by this.


This one’s completely floored me.


Fuck man. What the fuck.

Soundgarden were an amazing band, and though Chris might not have done much that I liked for some time, he had such a fucking amazing voice, and was someone I connected with as a teen.

Fucking hell.


Sorry, just didn’t want anyone to be too shocked by the content. Although by now I guess people already know.


I think he was being sincere.

I first opened this thread thinking he had a new album out or something.


Oh yeah, sorry, I knew he was, I didn’t want him to think I was grumpy about it or anything.

Anyway… FUCK!


Oh woah, that’s really sad. I only really knew Black Hole Sun but that’s a proper banger.


shit man, only 52 that’s no age.
saw him front audioslave at T some years ago, what a fucking incredible voice live :frowning:


I’m going to dig out my glow in the dark soundgarden tee