Chris Cornell - RIP


woah! that’s dreadful.


Man this sucks!


Amazing, amazing voice.

Soundgarden’s Superunknown is one of my all time favourite records and one I constantly revisit.

I was listening to Temple of The Dog’s Hunger Strike at the weekend and the moment he comes wailing in is OHSOFUCKINGGOOD.



RIP will blast badmotorfinger tonight


Playing my fave Soundgarden songs on the office stero and getting a bit emotional.


Fuck! Absolutely gutted.


Can’t believe it


Working from home. Have got Badmotorfinger, Louder Than Love and Superunknown all queued up to play LOUD!

Gutted about this, what a voice!


This is so bizarre and sad. :frowning:

@Shoebox1976uk - ditto, got Superknown blasting out :metal:


Still struggling to process this. Black Hole Sun was thr first proper song I ever loved, remember walking past my older brothers room hearing it and thinking woah that song is so cool. I’ve loved getting back into Soundgarden at loads of different ages, they were just so so so fucking good. They got me into grunge and led to so much of my favouritr music ever. Finally got the chance to see them in Manchester a few years ago on their King Animal tour and they still rocked the whole thing.

Fuck. He was one of the proper greats.


just like everyone else, I just want to play Badmotorfinger so loud the gods (or neighbours) can hear it

got ‘Searching With My Good Eye Closed’ on loud as fuck right now


Rotten this. RIP


This is honestly my favourite Bond theme:


godbless you @plasticniki for alterting me to HYDE PARK £2.50 FIASCO DAY so I got to see Soundgarden play superunknown in full. They were absolutely superb.


fuck, this one caught me off guard. loved soundgarden. remember hearing jesus christ pose the first time as a kid, had never heard a voice like that or music that dirty and heavy. I didn’t know what the fuck was going on, but I instantly knew I loved it.

not many of the grunge big timers left now are there, sadly. incredible that mark lanegan is gonna be the one to outlive them all


This is sad.

I regularly sing Black Hole Sun and Superunknown in the kitchen and when I’m riding my bike, so will make sure to do it even louder tonight.

RIP Chris Cornell.


what the fuck?

Badmotorfinger one of the greatest rock albums of all time


I love Badmotorfinger but never got into Superunknown. Let’s see if I’m totally wrong about it.


Incredibly envious that you’re essentially listening to Superunknown fresh. Hope you enjoy.



had just stuck on badmotorfinger last week for the first time in ages. still great.