Chris Cornell - RIP


Was just saying to a mate that this is the first really huge one for me. Bowie was massive, but I didn't grow up with his music, more got into it later on (besides hearing the obvious 'hits', and mum occasionally whacking him on in the car). Same with Prince.

Bought Superunknown on tape in 94. Loved it then, love it now. Absolutely gutted.


Really devastated over this. One of my absolute favourite bands as a teenager. Saw then touring Superunknown in 1994. There was a slightly weird vibe at the gig as Kurt Cobain had died only a few weeks (maybe even days) before but Soundgarden absolutely smashed it.

'No one sings like you anymore', eh?


Scott Weiland hit hard for these reasons but that was almost expected. Chris Cornell seemed to have got passed all that shit that took down so many of the others and so is just way more shocking.


That first Audioslave album's much, much better than I remembered.


didn't it get critically panned at the time? i remember it being very popular in school though


I think it was just a little bit disappointing given the potential for a Cornell/Rage mix. Fairly safe ground for both, but it wasn't bad.


Great Bond film too, IMO.


This one's hit me for sure, a huge chunk of my teenage listening tied up with Soundgarden and grunge. Slight lump in the throat now listening to this.


If I remember correctly, most reviewers said it was overlong and, like Mister Steve said, a bit unambitious given the pedigree. But for what it is - a BIG ROCK album - it's really good.


He was an amazing singer. RIP.


Yeah his last tweet was 9hrs ago...something slightly surreal about that.


There's a tweet about this from a Detroit reporter which is unfortunate if true. Hope not.


I was never really into Soundgarden - bit too young maybe and always used to turn over when Black Hole Sun came on MTV2 or whatever - but I vividly remember seeing Cochise on TV for the first time and being blown away.

That drum intro with the camera just slowly panning up to the top of that platform, and then it kicking in, all the fireworks and everything. So epic. My little brother absolutely loved the album, used to play Like A Stone on repeat. He text me this morning just saying 'Chris Cornell' :disappointed:

anyway, RIP, really sad news


Easily one of the most idiosyncratic voices in rock music, RIP


Have the exact same memory of that Cochise video. Perfect way for a supergroup with hype behind them to arrive


Such a great day


Bloody hell. Sad news.

Always thought his Bond theme was a total banger.


Just put this album on. Just so so good.


Can you elaborate?


A quick check of twitter suggests his death may have been intentional.