Chris Cornell - RIP


I am very sad about this.

The first I heard of Soundgarden was my brother coming home with the Jesus Christ Pose single and it completely blowing me away. I was talking to him about it very recently and he said he bought it in Our Price and it was a toss up between JCP and Chainsaw Charlie by W.A.S.P. Good choice bro!



The greatest of all time.

Badmotorfinger is obviously an incredible piece of work too, but Superunknown came out at EXACTLY the right moment in my life. Still listen to it regularly. It’s seen me through some tough times. It will continue to do so. It’s a rock. It ROCKS!


Not a pop at anyone in this thread but I hate the speculation that surrounds a situation like this. Twitter sucks balls. Lets enjoy his music and raise a glass in his memory, whatever happened.


This is brilliant -

Their early stuff always reminded me of Kyuss.


Lot of badmotofinger and superunknown chat (rightly so), but don’t forget the early stuff

big fan of the screaming life ep, this track in particular:


sorry - not meant as a direct reply to 1986!


Yeah honestly I’d perhaps suggest not clicking that if you’re a Cornell fan. Upsetting speculation from a Fox News reporter.

Again, not a pop at @1986_and_all_that or anyone else, just mean it as a heads up for anyone already upset by it.


Yeah, I think I’ll delete that twitter link actually.


Seconded: I gotta say I’ve always loved UltraMega OK and Louder Than Love the best…
First time I saw them was at the Astoria supported by Swervedriver and Silverfish. What a great gig that was.


It won’t let me delete it. Can I ask admin to do this please? Thanks






Fuck sake, very sad news.

Soundgarden have and will continue to mean a great deal to me. Echo some of the sentiments above, regularly dip(ped) into Superunknown and Badmotorfinger since getting into them at 17-18. Both have helped me through some dark times over the years


Bit of Alice Mudgarden I reckon:


Unbelievable voice and songwriter. Badmotorfinger and Superunknown are absolute classics, and even Audioslave blew me away during my impressionable youth.

I remember an enthusiastic review of BMF stating he sounded “like a fucking trumpet!” on Jesus Christ Pose, which is a pretty succinct description.


Absolute favourite from Audioslave


Heard this for the first time today


Like everyone else I’m shocked and saddened by this.
Incredible voice.

The last 40 seconds of “Show Me How To Live” by Audioslave is pretty much the best vocal I’ve ever heard.


Still remember the first time I saw Soundgarden:

It was wild.


That’s one thing that surpised me when I revisited Soundgarden a few years ago: I’d forgotten that there’s so many fucking immense, crunching, sludgy, doomy riffs in there.