Chris Cornell - RIP


Yeah, its so dirty and heavy. Its almost Stoner Rock.


This is heartbreaking.


4th of July, maaaaan


That guitar sound..


I also bought Superunknown on tape in 1994. It's still in my top 10 of all time, that album.


Had (still have?) the tab book for superunknown.

Fucking hell - having to do a different tuning for pretty much every song.

4th of July was drop...C?

My regular slinky were never up for the job.


Drop C? No wonder it sounds like that!


Think it was Mind Riot where every string is an E. Broke 3 strings tryna play that one




absolutely ridiculous.

Also remember trying to play never the machine forever. is it 9/8? fuck knows. Too hard.


Ha, yes. I learnt it all via or whatever the fuck but it's a nightmare to do it all in one go. Explains how they get the distinctive sounds though, such different chords shapes and harmonies. Got a real soft spot for Superunknown, and a really hard bit for Limo Wreck.


spent about a week trying to nail the black hole sun solo (can't believe someone tabbed it tbf).

got... not very far.


Always been a big fan of Louder Than Love too


Soundgarden were so good. They were like a brilliant mix of Sabbath and Led Zep really




I can't believe that. I REALLY hope that isn't true.




Kim Thayil 4 lyf. I meant to listen to Limo Wreck earlier, got it on now.


About to leave the office here in Hong Kong. 40 minute drive. Only one choice now (wish it weren't so). Superunknown. Loud. Respect to Chris for all he gave over the years. RIP.


I think Kyuss did a cover of that too, coincidentally