Chris Cornell - RIP


I was never really into Soundgarden, but when my school band was looking for something to agree on playing, the one thing we all chose was Audioslave. None of us even tried to sing.


rest in peace.

I met him sort-of once (among hundreds of others at The Electric Fetus in Minneapolis on Record Store Day, 2009 or 2010, I forget). I asked him if he knew who Kevin Gilbert was, he said “Yeah, so what?” lol.

I knew he was a friend, fan and big supporter of Jeff Buckley

His brother Peter has a voice like his actually, and once fronted the prog band Somnambulist.


So gutted about this. So unexpected. He was such a great songwriter and lyricist alongside that incredible voice. His more ‘existential’ songs saw me through some dark times. Big loss to the world of music.


I’ve never checked out his solo work. Is, say, Euphoria Morning worth it?


Some great tracks on there. Follow My Way is ace.


I’ve not listened to it for 20 years but don’t think it his best, I saw him tour it but the highlight was when he did fell on black days and seasons, proper chills


In times of mourning, you also need laughter


in which case:

Such a weird cameo! :slight_smile:


First time I’ve heard that. Its very… interesting.


Haha. Indeed… Just realised that Wladimir Klitschko stars in the video for no apparent reason too, to add to the bizarreness. Great stuff.


haha, I just put it on again because I missed Wlad the first time. Weird.


This has absolutely done me.


Soundgarden broke up right as I discovered them but, fuck me, what a back catalogue.

Was lucky enough to get into their Shepherds Bush Empire show a few years ago though and, needless to say, it was immense.

Can’t really process this tbh. Feels like I’ve been punched in the gut and I haven’t managed to get a thing done at work today. All I want to do is go home and listen to that glorious wail…


Really sad news. Soundgarden were an incredible band and Superunknown is one of those albums that I used to immerse myself into for days and days : the sound, the vibe, the epic scope of the tracks and his world-weary voice cutting through it all. Rest In Peace.


Christ, how have I missed this song all my life? Beautiful. RIP.


“And I’m left behind…as the seasons roll on by” Man, this one hurts. A staple of my youth and adult life and, quite simply, the greatest vocalist since Freddy Mercury. RIP.


First celebrity death that I’m genuinely gutted about. Best voice in rock. Badmotorfinger and Superunknown are classics. Temple of the Dog is also an unbelievable album.


got this news along with news from a friend that a mutual friend’s 15 year old son committed suicide this morning…

famous musicians deaths usually dont bring much out of me emotionally but Chris Cornell’s music was very important to me. easily my fav rock band and favorite rock voice. really, really sad about this.

I talked about soundgarden a lot on old DiS (always knew i could have a good convo w @thewarn about them). Superunknown was the first hard rock CD I bought. was a massive gateway album for me w all that sludge, metal, doom. Was the first time i cared about cool guitar sounds and solos, drum fills, production tricks and impossible vocals. for me its the gold standard in 90s big budget rock production. bought the alb cos the black hole sun video/song was the craziest thing I had ever heard/seen (probably not even in my top ten songs on that alb now). su was immediate but really opened up after years and years of listening, as I learned more and my pallet expanded there was something always there to discover with new ears. l listen to it often and am still blown away by it, hear something new every time. pretty sure every song on there has been my favorite at one point in time.

my personal top three cc vocal performances:

  1. Slaves and Bulldozers
  2. Limo Wreck
  3. Rusty Cage
  4. The Day I Tried to Live
  5. Holy Water

(bonus shout for the back half of Mailman)

his voice is the greatest in rock history and i wont hear otherwise.


Soundgarden are, like many “grunge” bands I got into as a young 'un, a band that I listened to a lot as a teenager but who (despite the fact that I like the music) I haven’t listened to so much since then. Which is partly (I think) because that music is so tied to my being a teenager: in particular, when I think of Superunknown, I think of listening to it during my paper round on a Discman tucked in my bag of local papers… I remember I used to walk up this hill and there’d be a car parked there, and - on really sunny days - I’d stop for a second or two to look at my darkly-tinted reflection against the bright blue sky in its side window because I thought it made me look a bit like Chris in the ‘Black Hole Sun’ video.

Every so often, I’ll play a song from off of Superunknown or something and find so much that I appreciate now that I maybe didn’t then. Someone mentioned the really doomy, sludgy sound of ‘4th of July’ upthread, for example.

It was a shock to see that he’d died, this morning; especially given that I’d read about his having been clean for a while, and all that. Kind of nice though to see that there are so many people (some of whom I might not have expected) on Facebook and here and other places with tributes and things to say about his music.


Gonna try and work my way through the back catalogue in a bit (up to dotu at least). Too many great vocal performances to choose from, but I’d have outshined in there for sure.

So sorry to hear about your friends sons death. X