Chris Cornell - RIP


(And your five are all fantastic, of course)


lol i said three then named five. shoulda just done ten tbf.


Been confirmed as suicide. Fucking Hell!!!


So many songs seem so prescient now :pensive:


These horrendous times get even darker by the day.

What a fu*king, devastating loss. Superunknown was the pinacle of their career, but Badmotorfinger still has no equal, even by 2017 standards.



Yeah, this one seems a bit on the nose now, which is a shame because it’s amazing and I want to share it :frowning:


I’m just listening to Badmotorfinger now. Haven’t listened to it in full in ages.

@drspaceman it is a shame; one of my favourite Soundgarden songs and one of the first I heard, I think…


Fuck. Been dreading this potential all day. Feel so sad for him and his closest


So grim and so sad :frowning:


This has really hit me hard today, a defining voice of my youth. A true loss to the music world and the circumstances are just tragic. Just want to take the opportunity to remind folk there is an amazing safe space depression thread over on the social boards for anyone who needs to talk


On what must be my third playthrough of superunknown now. So great


I remember buying the ‘Spoonman’ single on tape when it came out. ‘Fresh Tendrils’ was the b-side, and it totally blew my mind


FUCKIN LOVE Fresh Tendrils. One of my faves




Had this chat with @theShipment before - fresh tendrils is the sleeper superunknown track for me. Appreciate it more every time i hear it. Definitely in my top three superunknown tracks.*

*edit - maybe. Don’t make me choose.


yeah fresh tendrils swings!

ShaAAAaaaaame shaaaaAAAAAame
Throw yourself awAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaay


Marc Maron has put out his WTF episode with Chris again today as a tribute.


Just listening to ultramega ok - forgot how brutal it is.

Head injury sounds like nomeansno.


The end of shadow on the sun