Chris Cornell - RIP


The whole thing is just immense. Proper album with a mood/undercurrent flowing through it. Very few albums I’ve listened to come close to evoking such a feeling. Have a horrible feeling that they might’ve had another huge album in them given time as well :sweat:


Dug my Superunknown guitar tab book out earlier, still has the tuning guide at the front that I wrote out for myself to make it easier to change quickly between songs.


Nice, listening now, hadn’t heard it. For those interested the oral history of superunknown on spin is really good too


Favourite to play?

Title track or let me drown for me i think. Can totally get lost in the groove for both.


Superunknown too I think. It wasn’t my favourite to listen to but it’s really fun to play. Also loved a bit of spoonman


Is there a better start to an album than
Rusty cage>outshined>slaves & bulldozers>Jesus Christ pose?

Seems unlikely



Half way through my complete discog run through: can confirm that the slaves and bulldozers vocal performance is the best so far: nothing short of incredible


This is a clip from the video I posted earlier today. As far as I can find those 21 minutes are all that’s available online, but from memory they played close to an hour, in torrential rain.

A very wet and wonderful show.


Definitely the best up to that point, possibly the best overall


:heart: one of the best off badmotorfinger. Room A Thousand Years Wide is my personal favourite


Was going to say Superunknown but the best songs come in later


Still think the best overall is the day i tried to live, but let’s see…


You are correct


Of all the songs, it’s black hole sun that’s finally got me crying. Kind of overwhelmed by nostalgia/teenage memories/long-lost friends and suppressed angst.

Thanks to all in this thread for sharing your memories. It’s really helped. X


It was Preaching the End of the World that got me.



I was just listening to ‘Slaves and Bulldozers’ and I’d never realised how much emotion there was in it. always heard it as just more rock god heroics, but it crept up on me just now.

went to find a Youtube link, turns out it was the last Soundgarden song he ever played/sang. uncanny :disappointed:


Cochise is one of those brilliant tunes that by chance I first heard at a stupidly loud volume. As such I remember it well. What a voice


The fact that he ended his own life part way through a tour is really sad, so hard to think about what he may have been going through to take that step when he was on the road and doing the thing he was so good at


It’s a shame it has taken something like this for me to realise how much of a great lyricist he was. He had it all really, didn’t he.