Chris Cornell - RIP


Yep, the lot. If you were looking to create the ultimate rock star with an outstanding voice, great lyricism, a fantastic way with a melody, a great songwriter, great guitarist, inventiveness, intelligence, wisdom, charisma, humility, good looks, great dress sense, a great physique, 6’2" in height for ultimate rock star stage presence - you’d basically come up with Cornell.


(or Jeff Buckley - but I don’t know how tall he was)


He was 5’6" but great shout. He basically had the lot too. Another incredible voice.




As I said, Cornell was 6’2", right? Buckley was 5’6".


I think he was saying that Buckley was 5’6", not Cornell.


Oh I misread your comment

query cheerfully withdrawn


Haha, no worries.


First heard Soundgarden on the soundtrack to Road Rash on the 3D0 back in the day:

Kickstand (natch) and Superunknown blew my tiny mind: I’d leave the game in the menu so I could hear the tunes (they didn’t play during the actual game for some reason). RIP


Maybe they agreed for the songs to be used in the game, but not while loads of shit sounds were happening over the top.


Like me throwing the controller across the room when a truck hits my bike.

Listening to Rusty Cage now, and it’s making me want to ride motorbikes/punch cyclists/reconsider Sons of Anarchy.


I never listened to King Animal. Should I bother?


Absolutely listen to King Animal. Very underrated but a welcome return. It adds to the despair to know that there was another Soundgarden album on the way. Poor guy.


I always have the same two thoughts:

  1. I picture King from Tekken. Just that. Simple.
  2. I want there to be an apostrophe before ‘King’, as if to imply that it is short for the longer word ‘FucKing’.

< / Bantz>


Wondering if people would be up for a chronological listen through the Soundgarden discography? Could do it over next week, each day at e.g. 9pm put on one of the albums:

Monday - Screaming Life/Fopp
Tuesday - Ultramega OK
Weds - Louder Than Love
Thu - Badmotorfinger
Fri - Superunknown
Sat - Down on the Upside
Sun - King Animal


like this idea, may struggle to commit to a time but could definitely manage to listen to each album on each day and contribute to the discussion. Would be great to all do it at the same time though


Not sure I can commit to taking part but I’d definitely be interested in reading others’ thoughts.

Interested in thoughts on Down on the Upside in particular - it’s one of those albums where I have zero sense of how it’s perceived by fans.


Personally, a massive, massive disappointment at the time. And rarely revisited since. But after superunknown, that was always going to be the case for me. Looking forward to giving it a re-listen (I got from Screaming Life to end of Superunknown last night, before I had to go to bed).


I like it a lot. Not up there with Superunknown, but very little is. Some cool, quirky tracks, and some great straight rockers.

Just off to have a word with myself for some of those words ^


Pretty Noose is an absolute banger though