Chris Grayling is a dangerous cunt

Tory politician, bike wanker AND London. The full trifecta!


I live in constant fear of getting doored.

So the bike is allowed to overtake cars on that side?

This is a genuine question, I wasnt aware it was allowed


That seems ridiculously dangerous

It is ridiculously dangerous

I enjoy giving a Tory MP a kicking as much as anyone - but I’m afraid it is partially the cyclists fault. Undertaking slow moving/ stationary traffic is very very dangerous.

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you kind of have no choice in London if you want to… cycle


I nearly knocked someone over on my bike today as they were stepping out the bus and I was cycling on the inside of it. I felt a bit guilty but unsure if I was in the wrong. It wasn’t at a bus stop

^what this says

I would normally always try and filter on the right-side of traffic though it’s not always possible, or safe. I’d never ever filter on the left side of a high-sided or long vehicle.

“ridiculously dangerous” lol

It’s not the cyclist’s fault that someone didn’t check before opening their door. At all.


yeah, I get that, and road design seems to try to force us to do it sometimes

but whenever I find myself in that situation (I ride a lot on a road with an undertaking type cycle lane and I’m pretty sure it actually makes things even worse/ more dangerous around junctions) I’m extremely aware that I am putting myself at risk of being doored/ people getting off buses/ crossing the road and suddenly appearing from behind cars etc. I don’t think it’s possible in most of those situations to say someone else is 100% at fault

Better to be on the outside, or just in with cars, part of the general flow of tarffic if you can

Aye, thats what made me ask about that video above as the person filming goes past a few big vehicles and always thought that was illegal.

Seems like a legit mistake. We all make mistakes. And he seemed apologetic.

All fine, please carry on.


It is dangerous - he got knocked off his bike because someone wasn’t looking

The cyclist is always going to come off worse. And people make silly mistakes and do things without looking properly all the time. As a cyclist who wants to avoid getting hurt its wise to be aware of that and avoid putting yourself in that position in the first place

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not illegal, but the large vehicles thing is very dangerous, mainly because you can’t be seen by them, not because they’re going to door you.

i personally think you should probably, you know, look before you open your car door, especially when there’s loads of room between the car and the bloody pavement. when i filter / ride on the inside i’m more worried about cars swerving into my space.

Yeah why is this such a big deal?

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it was the transport secretary dooring a cyclist who he should probably, y’know, be looking out for

it kind of suggests he has no concept of one major part of the transport system of london given he thought the cyclist was going “too fast”

That doesn’t make it the cyclists fault. That makes it the fault of the person who wasn’t looking.

Everything we do is “dangerous” to some extent. That doesn’t put us at fault when someone does something they shouldn’t. It’s classic victim blaming.

It can be sensible to mitigate this risk by cycling slower than you might normally and anticipate this behaviour more, but that doesn’t equal fault.