Chris Grayling is a dangerous cunt

I was typing an almost identical post out as yours appeared. So, ^this.

I’ve been knocked off my bike 3 times

Each of those times it was 100% the drivers fault - they “didn’t see me”. Being right did me no good at all

I’m not victim blaming - I’m just saying that if you want to avoid getting hurt cycling in a city (or anywhere for that matter) you need to be aware that people in big heavy cars do stupid things all the time and ride more defensively (or more aggressively at times depending on what’s going on).

Or you know… made a mistake.

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can guarantee in London in 9 out of 10 times there’d be a motorcycle filtering in that space in the video along with the bike as well.

anyway, it’s splitting hairs, right? i’m well aware of the risks of cycling on the inside of slow / stationery traffic but i would still choose to do it if i thought it was safe enough. the fact that there’s a bloody cycle path beginning about 10 metres from where the accident in the video happened suggests it should be safe to do so there as well.

Is the reason the cycle path isnt there as well because the road is too narrow for one? Therefore too narrow to go up the left?

I think it’s a bit of an extreme view to have a momentary lapse of judgement = having no concept of a major transportation system.
I personally wouldn’t be cycling there in traffic around Westminster because you know people are going to be hopping out of cars and cabs every 2 seconds due to the location. Not saying its the cyclists fault at all but also i don’t think it should be made this much of a deal of… It’s getting the same space and news coverage as a cyclist being killed by a lorry it seems.

It’s Parliament Square. It’s a three lane roundabout and it’s a fucking bastard to cycle around in any lane.

Yes but he’s a Tory wanker.


That’s not very helpful, Theo.


don’t think that’s victim blaming

I think it’s probably the irony of it being the transport minster.

Also, there’s some good bits of guff he’s spouted about cyclists in the past at the end of the Guardian bit:

Grayling had complained that cycle lanes in London “cause too much of a problem for road users”. The minister added: “Motorists in London have got to be immensely careful of cyclists.”

This is correct. Fortunately though there is a hell of a lot of other evidence that our Transport Secretary has no concept of a major transport system.

FFS guys it’s Chris Fucking Grayling! If ever there were someone where shoot first and ask questions later were the appropriate response then Thick Chris is your man. Working in Westminster I do occasionally see politicians out in the street, and Grayling is genuinely the only one I’ve had to try hard not to shout something obscene at.

And I’ve seen Gove.


Guys, the guy knocked off seems to be riding a bike without racing handle bars. Potentially not even chrome forks. Call off the dogs.


Motorists in London have got to be immensely careful of cyclists. I don’t get why that’s a bad thing to say?

about to say the same, it wasnt malicious, maybe a bit careless but we all make mistakes

I like how his totally in character response was to tell the cyclist it was his fault because he was cycling too fast. Unlucky for him he was being filmed, and as anyone who’s ever had a head on collision on a bike knows, if you’re going much above walking speed your front wheel will be totalled.

My thread, my rules and Theo is playing by them correctly.

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Because he’s saying it as if it’s a bad thing/nuisance

That’s very helpful, thanks…

Please don’t take your ball home.

What i’m more concerned about is that the bike sustained damage and Grayling didn’t provide any contact details. Taking a generous a view, you could say that it was an accident any maybe not a big deal, but not leaving details is a bit shady? If the situation had been between two cars, aren’t you required by law leave details?