Chris Nolan Films


Definitive listing (after seeing Dunkirk last night)

1 - Interstellar (don’t @ me)
2 - Inception
3 - Dark Knight
4 - The Prestige
5 - Memento
6 - Insomnia
7 - Batman Begins
8 - Dunkirk
9 - Following
10 - Dark Knight Rises


His career’s the very definition of diminishing returns.


The Dark Knight
The Prestige
The Dark Knight Rises
Batman Begins
(not seen Following)


yeah, he’s pretty much the radiohead of directors :wink:


Nah, he’s ace. All his films are solid 7’s or above apart from DKR and Following.


nah, i’d say maybe memento might squeeze past a 6, prestige and inception maybe a 6.
the rest is utter garbage


I think his films are amazing if you’re into that sort of film.

They’re so wildly divisive with everyone else that I’m not really sure. I mean The Prestige is probably my favourite for sure but if you’re talking just ‘good films’ then Memento would be number 1 surely?


Interstellar. It’s right there above


The Dark Knight
The Prestige
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight Rises
(not seen Dunkirk or Following)


Too long.

Too concept.


Each film half an hour longer than the last.


Probably this I would get behind, actually. I’ve not seen Following or Dunkirk either.


Super ambitious. Love it


The intellectual’s Michael Bay?


Yeah it’s probably this in fairness


Of the ones I’ve seen:

The Dark Knight
The Presitge
The Dark Knight Rises
Batman Begins

Don’t fancy Dunkirk at all though, find war movies really hard going.


Sure, but I think Memento has (indeed it had) the power to reach many more people. It’s slick and fast and has a great quality to it.


Uwe Boll/Gore Verbinski I’d say.


Memento >
Following >
Insomnia >
Batman Begins >
Fuck off, m8


Conceptually quite good but fell just short of executing it well, and had an almost completely superfluous last 1/2 hour.