Christchurch (Dorset)

I grew up near Christchurch (Dorset). When I mention this to people, they often tell me that they went on holiday there.

It’s very Tory and it has one of the most elderly populations of any local authority area, but it’s nice enough to visit when I go to see my dad.

Share your memories of Christchurch here!

It’s also twinned with Christchurch (New Zealand).

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I think i went there on holiday once

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I’ve only been there once that I remember, when I was 16.

I used to be a reasonably good windsurfer and a teacher took a group of us down to windsurf in the harbour and sea. I think there were 5 of us and we stayed in a nice cottage somewhere in the new forest.

My grandparents lived nearby in ferndown. Very nice party of the world but very elderly and Tory too.

Ah, you would have been familiar as a child (or as a parent) with Moors Valley Country Park


I think I went on a caravan holiday there once. I mostly remember watching the Earthworm Jim cartoon on TV every morning, and going to the beach somewhere most days.

Yeah that place was awesome!

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Moors Valley is amazing, a very high percentage of my best childhood memories come from there. The trains! The huge awesome sculptures! The treetop walk! The trains! Totally unrealistic standard-setting for other country parks tbh (I’m looking at you, Itchen Valley, which is basically just a field and a wood).


Used to go to a preschool at a place called christchurch in colchester and when people mentioned going on holiday to Christchurch I always thought they were going to my preschool

It really is! If you think about the car parking as an entrance fee it’s ridiculously cheap too- £8 for a day’s entertainment (maybe £20 if you factor in a train ride)



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Always park off verwood road and walk the 10 mins along the quiet, tree lined path and best bit of the walk.