Christchurch (New Zealand)



I’m in town for a week for work again.

What’s good to do in and around Christchurch?

Things already done / seen:
Botanic gardens
The empty white chairs memorial
Quake City
Cardboard Cathedral

Also, if anyone else happens to be around town this week, come to one of these.


My parents lived in dunedin for a while and spent time in Christchurch. They were always banging on about the gardens and the cardboard cathedral


Ah wish I could go to this, in Auckland next weekend and Wellington the next so pretty tied up. Hope the show goes well! As for what to do in ChCh, I haven’t been there since 2015 and not for very long so don’t know it that well, but maybe the gondola?


Thanks man!

Gondola sounds like a good shout, will be down that way this afternoon too.


Was totally weirded out when I finally heard Dunedin pronounced. I was a big LotR Radio play fan so I presumed it would be the same as Dunedain but more Doon-e-din.

Dun-Eden sounds like God’s retirement cottage’s name…


Went through exactly the same thing last time I was here.

I refuse to believe that there doesn’t exist a car sticker that says “Hungry? Nah, I’m Dunedin!”


Best cinema…

It’s run by my ex’s uncle :+1:


Went for a run round Hagley Park and saw some tiny geese, which is amazing.



It feels right that you replied in this thread after my last post


I got the bus out to Lyttelton and walked over the tops to Sumner, is a nice walk. Could do the gondola/cable car on the way.

Walk along the parade and some nice shops at New Brighton.

The art gallery is decent.

There’s a good sandwich shop/cheesemongers, where you go in and pick your cheese.

If you can get down to Akaroa, I would recommend it.

Friends live there so will ask them if there’s anything special on this week.


Think you can hire a mountain bike at the top of the gondola bit and ride down.


gaelic name for edinburgh isn’t it



Pedro’s house of lamb.


I know someone who works at Christchurch airport. Apparently he saw kylie minogue there once, so you could give that a shot.


Did that one the first time I was here, ate it all myself, couldn’t eat all the potatoes, almost threw up.

It’s around the corner from where I’m saying, tempted to do it again.


So good! Would happily eat it every night.


So they said there’s a good photography exhibition at the gallery.

There’s a public art walking trail by SCAPE Art.

Said this website list stuff that’s going on


Fantastic, thanks for that!