Christchurch (New Zealand)

I’m in town for a week for work again.

What’s good to do in and around Christchurch?

Things already done / seen:
Botanic gardens
The empty white chairs memorial
Quake City
Cardboard Cathedral

Also, if anyone else happens to be around town this week, come to one of these.

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My parents lived in dunedin for a while and spent time in Christchurch. They were always banging on about the gardens and the cardboard cathedral

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Ah wish I could go to this, in Auckland next weekend and Wellington the next so pretty tied up. Hope the show goes well! As for what to do in ChCh, I haven’t been there since 2015 and not for very long so don’t know it that well, but maybe the gondola?


Thanks man!

Gondola sounds like a good shout, will be down that way this afternoon too.

Was totally weirded out when I finally heard Dunedin pronounced. I was a big LotR Radio play fan so I presumed it would be the same as Dunedain but more Doon-e-din.

Dun-Eden sounds like God’s retirement cottage’s name…


Went through exactly the same thing last time I was here.

I refuse to believe that there doesn’t exist a car sticker that says “Hungry? Nah, I’m Dunedin!”

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Best cinema…

It’s run by my ex’s uncle :+1:

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Went for a run round Hagley Park and saw some tiny geese, which is amazing.


It feels right that you replied in this thread after my last post

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I got the bus out to Lyttelton and walked over the tops to Sumner, is a nice walk. Could do the gondola/cable car on the way.

Walk along the parade and some nice shops at New Brighton.

The art gallery is decent.

There’s a good sandwich shop/cheesemongers, where you go in and pick your cheese.

If you can get down to Akaroa, I would recommend it.

Friends live there so will ask them if there’s anything special on this week.

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Think you can hire a mountain bike at the top of the gondola bit and ride down.

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gaelic name for edinburgh isn’t it



Pedro’s house of lamb.

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I know someone who works at Christchurch airport. Apparently he saw kylie minogue there once, so you could give that a shot.

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Did that one the first time I was here, ate it all myself, couldn’t eat all the potatoes, almost threw up.

It’s around the corner from where I’m saying, tempted to do it again.

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So good! Would happily eat it every night.

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So they said there’s a good photography exhibition at the gallery.

There’s a public art walking trail by SCAPE Art.

Said this website list stuff that’s going on

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Fantastic, thanks for that!