Christchurch shooting (NZ)

Sounds pretty horrific

Attack on a mosque.

Managed to leave work before losing the plot. Can’t believe it. Feel so hopeless, wish I could help somehow. Just completely numb.


Utterly fucked. Your PM’s speech seemed good.

I note the police are saying

I mean I get the fear but at the same time it feels like this is exactly what I wouldn’t expect Islamic communities to do. I’m not really sure this is the sort of thing you want to be putting out there as a suggestion…

Also was there definitely a bomb in the shooters’ car?! If so I guess we can be glad that didn’t get anyone too but who are these maniacs?

I guess so, yeah.

It just feels like doing the job of these terrorists for them, somehow…

Thanks everyone. My Christchurch friends are safe, but it’s looking like the death toll is over 25 people. 25 people who should be able to live in this country and practise their religion in peace. Just absolutely stunned, can’t believe it. This doesn’t happen here.


Multiple car bombs which have been disabled, Police Comissioner has just confirmed this.

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4 people have been arrested.

1 News NZ just named one of the gunmen. Why do they keep doing this. When will news organisations learn not to immortalise these people.


It’s a form of brinkmanship I guess - it’s out there and each organisation knows that if they don’t name them then someone else might and get in the public’s mind.

Yeah I’m not sure when we’ll have the media attention that can deal with this sort of thing happening, although social media probably means the information will still be out there even if they did try to approach things sensibly.


Can’t believe this. Started to write political things but fuck it, let’s respect the victims rather than score points.

Kia kaha Christchurch and our Muslim community. There’s a vigil in Wellington, St Peter’s at 7, if anyone’s in that area.


There is video footage of one of the shooters before/during that some of the tabloid news sites are using bits of in their coverage. Horrendous.

TVNZ reported the shooters name moments after a security expert advised them not to.

NewsHub just bizarrely reported on how much international attention this is getting, which is the most New Zealand thing I’ve ever seen.

The NZ Herald has plastered his face on their website, along with frames of the video.

Do not watch the video, it’s horrific from what I’ve heard.

NewsHub said that they were choosing not to broadcast his manifesto… then proceeded to broadcast excerpts from his manifesto.

So incredibly disappointed in the media in this country.


Shouted “subscribe to pewdiepie” during it.
These edgelord YouTube gamers are genuinely dangerous

he is a fucking terrorist; can’t stand this commentary that makes him a ‘gunman’ because he isn’t Muslim or whatever

Disgusted, appalled and upset by this whole thing


This is so fucked up. I know the media bring scumbag isn’t anything new but they never fail to surpass themselves, do they?

I had a news notification on my phone that led me immediately to the video, thankfully I didn’t see any of it.

Reports of 40 dead.
This gamer/chan/Peterson young white males are being oppressed shit really needs tackling. Literally millions of people are into it


Completely agree with that, annoyed me about a lot of the coverage in Australia, along with the need to sensationalise the perpetrator(s) Definitely terrorists.

Oh jeez did the terrorists Facebook live it?

Just terrible terrible news to wake up to.

Such a horrible day. One of the mosques is only a couple of blocks away from where my friends live, thankfully they are OK. Locked down at work for hours, must be terrifying.

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