Christchurch shooting (NZ)


Completely agree with that, annoyed me about a lot of the coverage in Australia, along with the need to sensationalise the perpetrator(s) Definitely terrorists.


Oh jeez did the terrorists Facebook live it?

Just terrible terrible news to wake up to.


Such a horrible day. One of the mosques is only a couple of blocks away from where my friends live, thankfully they are OK. Locked down at work for hours, must be terrifying.


Sadly, our media in Australia is totally cooked!

Sky News, the worst of the worst, literally just asked ‘Where does this anti Muslim sentiment come from???’

Burn these cunts down!!


What the fuck


A proper ‘fuck this world’ moment.

The media can go fuck themselves as well.



Shit, what?


Exactly what UKIP did a few days ago on Twitter


This is too much


First time i can recall seeing so many official news places come right out and say ‘terrorist’ and ‘terror attack’ instead of just ‘gunman’. About time too. This may be the first time an attack can’t just be ‘linked to’ but seen instead as some kind of direct product of 8chan/reddit/twitter. Supposedly he name dropped C4ndace Ow£ns in his wretched ‘manifesto’, claimed to be inspired by ‘edgy memes’. People need to start seeing the links between far right celebrity mouthpieces and right wing terror attacks. And stop giving the likes of Kanye such an easy ride for palling up to such arseholes.


Still some very pointed skipping around the word…


40 dead confirmed. Unbelievable.


Oh for real sure, always be plenty of that as well.


Already seen some of the video by accident on Twitter, what an awful website. One of the most disturbing things I’ve seen.


So incredibly proud to have Jacinda Ardern as our Prime Minister. Her latest statement was perfect. Categorically rejected this in the strongest and least sensational way possible.


Yeah I was careless and saw footage on Twitter, should have turned it off straight away but stupid curiosity meant I watched a few seconds longer.


I saw a bit of it on The Mirror’s website ffs


Hope Jest and antelope’s friends/family are OK. Don’t know anyone down there myself




Watched like 3 seconds of the video:

Man at mosque entrance says "Hello, Brother! " as the terrorist approaches.

Sick to the stomach. Avoid.