Christchurch shooting (NZ)


Shit, that’s really awful.



I only really have asinine responses to all of this but I can’t understand it at all. How can anyone hate so much that they relentlessly plough on without a moment’s regret.


hopefully some of the people at Google will now see what they have done and do something to stop being responsible for further hate crimes.


R’s brother and family ok. Our office and other colleagues were on lockdown.

Christ, yesterday it felt like an assault on our way of life that someone had punched [Green MP] James Shaw. And now…


This is so fucking awful.


OK man, good


They need to provide ways to let users control what content they find acceptable and help kill awful shit


Some of the comments…ffs why did I read them


I regret reading your spoiler, which is on me obviously. It broke me frankly.


Can you delete it actually?


No, but don’t worry. It’s also good to know this even though it’s terrible


oh my god why are they reading out that Queensland senators statement blaming the victims on the news





some massive dickhead senator placing the blame on NZ for allowing immigration/the victims for having migrated there, essentially. Don’t read his tweet.


fucks sake


Guessing he’s with one of the fucked up right wing parties for ‘balance’?


The senator’s letter is beyond belief.

Link here if you want to feel very angry


Completely fucking horrendous. The sadness has very quickly given way to anger this time, fuck the Islamaphobic (pretty telling that my browser has just underlined this in red as it doesn’t consider it a word) media that created this.


Fraser Anning is such an awful bloke two awful right wing parties have kicked him out for being too dreadful. I believe his maiden speech as a senator for the Katter Party called for the banning of Muslim immigration to Australia. He used some Nazi associated language to do it too.


Couldn’t read the whole thing. Appalled.