Christchurch shooting (NZ)


The terrorists avatar looks like Bob Katter to me (?)


Yeah stopped reading after “However…”


How on Earth have we let Islamophobia get to these sorts of levels? It’s just so dreadful.


(It’s Islamophobic - I know this is not the pertinent issue - but the word has sadly very much crossed into normal discourse)

All love and thoughts to the victims and their families. Sick to my stomach.


Trying to figure out how to articulate on the idea that this is linked to the incel/similar crowd and just kind of in blind rage mode


It was beyond awful…a mate of mine posted it on FB and I had to ask him to take it down. “Blind rage mode” is a pretty good description of how I’m feeling.



One of our mutual friends repeats some of this “cultures should be separate” stuff quite a lot sadly.


I’m starting to realise that the mutation of internet edgelordism into a poisonous ideology and then a terror movement is going to be one of the defining things of this generation. And it breaks my heart and makes me so, so fucking angry.


“The Internet really fucked human beings for the first couple of generations” is going to be the prevailing narrative in the history books I think.


and depressed that a few of my friends fall for it


Yeah. I think the consensus has to be, “we just weren’t ready.” That and, “tech giants were greeted as saviours but were ultimately moral vacuums completely unwilling to take responsibility for the mess they made.”


I think people are being far, far too quick to try and paint this as an internet-driven thing.

Our press, broadcast media and politicians have more sway when it comes to setting the agenda and the tone of public discourse, as well as platforming and legitimising the views of those on the far right.


And even that isn’t quite what the truth is I don’t think. A lot of people have used the internet as much and as frequently, lots since childhood now, and the vast vast majority have ended up as far away from being terrorist, pathetic, pieces of shit that anyone can be.

It’s probably closer to say that no one saw this coming, the idea that men too fragile of ego and loaded with toxic god-complex masculinity now have a route to keep each other in denial and rile up otherism and create people to blame for their ‘loss of power’ and ‘importance’ instead of being forced to at least pretend to be functioning adults.

But the fact that this isn’t a problem turning all or most people suggests that it’s no different to cults, terrorist cells or indeed fascist governments just using whatever means they have to bring the emotionally immature and easily manipulated to their door.


I think it can very definitely be that the former has been created due to the horrific actions of the press for years


You’re right to an extent but when the person responsible praises ‘edgy memes’ in his ‘manifesto’ (ugh) it’s impossible not to draw conclusions. I realise speculation as to motive at this stage is not helpful but anyone immersed in internet culture knows where these people congregate online and become radicalised. To them the mainstream is the enemy - however much we think it panders to them they don’t see it as going nearly far enough.


don’t think this kind of thing is ever truly going away unless all guns are destroyed sadly


he spoke brilliantly


yeah me too, it seems a bit inappropriate because it is focusing the killer, but my worry is how ill-equipped politicians, the media in general, will be in understanding these internet subcultures


Yep. 99% of our politicians will not have a single idea about any of this, and additionally won’t want to understand

If this happened here and was linked to an internet group may would just use it to push snoopers powers over the line.