Christchurch shooting (NZ)


I think, fundamentally and simplistically, it can be summed up by the fact that, what was a tool to spread and share information was so quickly turned into a place where misinformation without challenge is the major force. No matter how ignorant or incorrect your viewpoint is, there is a place where anyone can find like-minded people and double-down on them. It would be anthropologically fascinating if it wasn’t so utterly depressing.


Terrorism branded to appeal to teenagers in their bedrooms. Sounds like Mary whitehouse couldn’t have made it up


Well yes but…this is NZ, our mainstream press doesn’t have the equivalent of the worst of your right-wing papers. Whereas we have very active right-wing blog and Twitter communities that feed this stuff.


Basement-dwellers on WhaleOil for one, don’t want to know the others


Would be nice if some of those high profile YouTubers etc who engage in this stuff that were apparently cited do more than just say they’re horrified and instead take a bit of responsibility and change how they behave as well. I live in hope x


“The Great Replacement”: title of the guy’s manifesto, and a Lauren Southern video.


Made the mistake of reading the replies to PDP’s tweet. It’s very hard to feel hopeful.


the sun have put a gif of the terrorist’s video on their home page.


Fuck sake


with the headline: LIVESTREAM SLAUGHTER


those brave hardworking journalists just trying to earn an honest crust etc etc


If there’s one thing from my observation of The Far Right Online or whatever you want to call it, it’s that they loathe the mainstream media for obfuscating “the truth” more than pretty much anyone.


the daily mail have a downloadable PDF of his manifesto for curious readers. legitimately thought people were taking the piss when they told me this.


depends though. the mainstream media has led with ‘any form of censorship (including hatespeech) is bad’ and that’s a constant rhetoric. they also convince people that the left is trying to actively censor their words and thoughts. it’s easy to see how that can start to take an effect and embolden someone who’s already a total piece of shit


Really bizarre. From what I’ve read about it, he pretty much says that he made decisions based on generating as much publicity as possible.

I wish I could just say that I think they’re idiots


This is, of course, the man who paid poor people to be anti-Semetic in public for a joke, was dropped by Disney for using Nazi imagery and as recently as December promoted an neo-Nazi YT channel.

I’m not holding my breath, but just hoping beyond belief that he/those like him finally understand that their actions have consequences beyond just being called an edgelord dick.


“mainstream media” tends to mean “whichever mainstream media outlet I disagree with”. Like yer right-wing columnists talking about being silenced by the mainstream media in their widely published newspaper columns that they literally get a regular salary for writing


sadly I don’t think this will happen as people like that are ideologically opposed to the idea that people have a responsibility to others for their words


if you were to make a list of everything the media shouldn’t do when something like this happens, it would appear they’ve done every single one of those things, repeatedly, in a matter of hours, and then added a few more for good measure.


Partly. But no-one has ever tried to red pill anyone by encouraging them to read the Daily Express.

(Anyway even though I started this conversation I feel uncomfortable railroading a situation in New Zealand with wider thoughts about how these issues play out in the UK so I’ll stop posting on this. This attack is absolutely heartbreaking, solidarity to all in NZ right now)