Christchurch shooting (NZ)


probably with a thinkpiece about what the media shouldn’t do when something like this happens just to take the piss


perhaps the most incredible thing about this is that there will still be people saying that islamophobia doesn’t exist, or that you can’t be racist against muslims. it’s a form of racism that is so pervasive we don’t notice it any more than the air we breathe.


same but down the line after some time, i will make a separate thread about the whole incelly bullshit becoming prevalent because in this case i think i must not have explained myself properly - def wasn’t the express i was talking about


What the actual fucking fuck. That’s abhorrent.


following on from sensationalising Keith Flints suicide.
Utter scum


Do not ever read anything or listen to anything from Fraser Anning ever ever


cw: Link contains excerpts of the terrorist’s manifesto and other online presence

This is a really good summary of his links to 8Chan and the like, and how his manifesto will help inspire similar dweebs


Southern has now deleted her “great replacement” video…


Drowning a bit in references to stuff I don’t know much about. Who’s Southern and what video are you referring to?


Right wing no-mark who posts regular stuff about “whites being replaced”, released a youtube video that has the same title as the murderer’s manifesto.


lauren southern is a right-wing canadian activist with links to generation identity, turning point, and a huge online presence. she’s horrifying.


Joined one of those boats trying to block search and rescue missions for migrants in the Med, too. Awful woman.


i have never complained to ipso before, is that what i’d do? i can’t stomach this.


this is a good thread, i can never find any articles by this guy tho i think he works for the guardian?


He produces Football Weekly and used to be a mod here.


I don’t think any of these right wing “celebrities” actually believe what there doing and are just in it for the sweet sweet cash and that somehow makes them even worse


There was a great long read on a low-level alt-right celebrity who murdered his father I read a while back that was both enlightening and terrifying on this. The guy who ran the Infowars knock off channel the killer appeared was quoted as saying at one point, “you have to kill your empathy when you do this shit.” Which is just an extraordinary admission.

Edit: this is the piece


also the mental state of the people who are being paid shit money to sit in a youtube or twitter office deleting the video as it is uploaded again and again and again. imagine having to watch that thing on a loop for a full shift.


@infinite_jest and @Gorkys_Forever hope you guys are okay. I generally just stalk the boards when I get a chance here now but I thought of you guys and the community when this happened. This corner of the internet helps restore some of the faith I have in the web as a whole, you’ve all always been way more articulate and intelligent when it comes to making sense of situations like this, and it’s very likely because I’m now a few drinks in and this is only really now just sinking in that I appreciate that. Literally have no idea how to deal with this situation - it’s never occurred here before, and you’ll hear the statement from NZer’s “this doesn’t happen here” a lot - but I wish there was something more I could do. A few friends and I are going to go to a local mosque tomorrow to leave flowers and just talk to people there. This will not divide this country. I’m going to log off the internet now because I’m getting teary and emotional but thank you everyone here for your kind words.


so many awful things about all of this