Christian Fitness - Nuance - The Musical


Ooh, this is excellently dark isn’t it? Love the strings and the discordant nature of pretty much every song on this.



Given it 7 or 8 listens now. It’s so good. With Falco releasing an album a year there was a risk of things potentially becoming repetitive but this one is a very different sounding beast. It’s like nothing i’ve ever ever heard but deserves to be heard by a large audience. The man is such a talent. Highlights so far ar ‘Full Morrissey’ and ‘The mood…’


Must give this is a listen tonight and decide whether to buy it or not, as he’s cleaning me out a bit with these annual releases (I keep saying this but then keep buying them, but then last year’s came out on my birthday so was a no brainer)


You’re right. Slap Bass Hunks has been a massive grower with me and now is undoubtedly my favourite CF release to the point where I wondered where it could possibly go next. There was variation, sure, but it just felt like such a beautifully executed realisation of so many of the things that CF offered that FOTL couldn’t. I was worried that this would be the first “treading water” album. Almost as though second guessing that, Falco went and destroyed the formula and created something genuinely unsettling.

This one’s taking its time to settle with me, it doesn’t feel as obstinate as some of the tracks on Plot, but the absolute ridiculousness of it all is still making me a bit


Buy it, it’s worth it.


Couldn’t agree more with this. I had the same feeling is it going to get repetitive, then he releases this , which is very different but at the same time unmistakably Falco. It’s exactly what you want from a long time favorite artist, to do something fresh and different but that is still very good.

The strings just sound so aggressive and menacing with the heavy bass. This is the album i’ve always wanted but didn’t know I wanted it!


Not only are there good strings on this album, there is also some very brief, decent glockenspiel. Something many indie bands can only dream of.

Yeah this is great. Again. Like these albums a lot.


Still haven’t heard this FFS


Fanbase only song :joy:


Kind of odd Fanbase Only Song was part of the download. I was expecting to receive it on a CDR, in about 3 years time!


Just got an interesting new Instagram follower


I’m only really familiar with Travels with Myself and Another and Mclusky Do Dallas (both of which I absolutely love), but I’m enjoying this so far! Are the lyrics posted anywhere?


You have a wealth of Falco related stuff to catch up on then. If you like this and love those other two, you will probably be pretty fond of most of his various bands out put.


Now I’ve given this time to settle I can comment on my favorite songs from it:

Impressions of an Urn - Love the drums and groove on this especially when the vocals kick back in the verses
Group Fink - Great song, probably catchiest chorus refrain " these dickheads want their 20’s back." and insane bass tone.
The Mood as the Ship Started to Sink - Love the menacing/ daunting mood this song creates. Song very much fits the title.


Keep going back to this.

I also think it’s great that “Would you say you were the main breadwinner in the household, Susan?” can be considered a quintessential Falco line, even though it’s really quite ridiculous written down like that.


Finally listened to this today (I bought the CD, figured I’d wait till I had it in my sweaty mitts). It’s good; possibly even better than Slap Bass Hunks. Hamsterland is the best EPIC Falco song since Beneath The Waves An Ocean, imo.




That’s amazing. +1


I have ordered one