Christian Fitness - Slap Bass Hunks (album #4)



First track

I know this has already been posted by @Icarus-Smicarus in this thread, and that the album title is clearly inspired by this thread, but if anything deserves its own new thread on these boards, it’s a new album from Andrew Falkous.

(album title noticed at the end of this, not seen it mentioned elsewhere, and will probably change after this thread exists.)

Watch this space.


like the artwork of this one a lot


is it time mcluskyfutureoftheleftchristianfitness had their own dedicated subforum? i’ve counted SIX threads since newDiS opened its doors

rock me, i’m a DiSer.


Mods make it so


It’s beautiful.



this is really really good. i’m going to have to give him more of my money. :frowning:


Why is soundcloud such a cunt on mobile now


Gob’s not on board.

I want the album now please.






Bees Mode is so good


There are no bees in manchester


New track is mint.


So fucking good.


This is absolutely great really, isn’t it? Deserves to be heard by the masses – will not be.


would make more sense if just said the album is up


The link in the OP works now!



Haha wow! I’ve never thought to look in the edit history before!