Christian Fitness - Slap Bass Hunks (album #4)



This has been bought. It’s excellent.


enjoying this rather a lot already.


yeah, it’s short, but you can solve this problem by simply putting it on again.

oh I will be


Just listening to it now. It’s great actually.


Purchased and ready for the commute home!


Thought the last Christian Fitness and Future of the Left albums were some of Falco’s best stuff in ages. This manages to be even better than those two though. Incredible!


Purchased can’t wait to listen to this. preview tracks have been great

Also IMO Love Letters in the Age of Steam, This Taco is Not Correct and Slap bass Hunks might be the best run of consecutive album titles ever.


Did he ever explain what ‘This Taco is Not Correct’ means?


I think he said the guy who did the album art just put that phrase in as a placeholder and while previewing the artwork he liked it and kept it.


That is brilliant if true


I Am Scared Of Everything That Isn’t Me is pretty great too


Really enjoying this. Still reckon Love Letters In The Age Of Steam is by a good margin, the best Christian Fitness album (the run from tracks 7-10 is perfect) and this is the closest to that.


see i think Love Letters is my least favourite but i seem to be in the minority. it’s still very good but doesn’t have that many standouts for me.


This is fun, eh?


He’s done it again, hasn’t he - just written off all of this months other releases. Yeah I know Kendrick released a good un too but he ain’t no Falco.

Really really love the mid point of footballers have feelings too when the guitar come to the fore. Too goddamn feeting for such a, dare I say, euphoric section


“Stan Collymore…yeah, that cunt.”


Too many great lyrical nuggets!


Re-listened to Taco and can’t get “happiness is not for ameteurs” out of my head


I think my favourite CF track to date is Your Favourite Band Wants You Dead. The guitars are phenomenal. I’ve been relistening to it all over the last few days – it’s a ridiculously consistent high standard. What a guy.


It really is. He’s a national treasure in my eyes. So consistently brilliant. I’m listening to Plot right now and it’s fucking amazing. A few weird ones here and there but that’s what FOTL albums are all about. Failed Olympic Bid is just the best