Christian Fitness - This Taco Is Not Correct (album #3)



Currently downloading.

Jack’s on drums for this one, meaning it’s pretty much a FOTL album with added reverb.


i almost wish he’d slow down a bit, my CD shelf is seriously overflowing already.

bad boys die in the bath is so good.


Sweet. I hope falco’s cats leave my CD alone this time :slight_smile:


Bought it last night innit, brilliant stuff as always.The song titles are things of beauty - incredible work! :smiley:


This is definitely more solid sound than the other two, not saying they were bad, just this sounds fuller.

I’ve listened to direct debit with Ray Winstone’s disembodied head many times this morning…

“Never bait a happy bear, that’s a waste of bear they say”


Keeps making me smile. Is excellent


Solid stuff, enjoyed thoroughly. Can see how after repeated listens it’ll really grow on me.

I think the second is still my favourite. That album’s ending run of: Love Letters In The Age of Steam - The Harder It Hits - Who Is Iron God? - The Psychic Reader, is really great and hard to top in my opinion.


Loving this, echo the comments about the production.

Always good when an album finishes and you’re like “what? already?” and then press play from the start again.


Those last three fit so well together, I could listen to them on loop.


This is really good,for me the CF albums are getting better each time. Really appreciating the increased production quality and Jack’s drumming. Early favorites are Tides & Jabs and Happiness is for Amateurs.


Agree with all comments so far. Great treat so soon after TP&ATO. happiness is not for amateurs, the tides & jabs and bad boys die in the bath were the most instant tracks for me on first few spins. Others are starting to stick and get under my skin now though, Falco is so good at that shit.


This is proper good, isn’t it


Yeah, easily my fav CF album and think I prefer it over the last FOTL album too :astonished:


Think I agree. This is really sinking in now and I too would probably play this over the last FOTL. Not that I don’t like it, this just flows…

Really strong record.


I actually guessed this was a bet365 reference from the song title. Pretty clear once you hear the lyrics…


There’s something aesthetically pleasing about the three albums’ release dates

July 2014
Aug 2015
Sep 2016

Please continue releasing christian fitness albums every 13 months, falco.

Official newDiS Future of the Left thread

Landed in the post this morning. What a momentus couple of days this has been for slightly delayed CDs!


Got mine today too. Only got round to buying it a couple of days ago so that was quite well timed for me.


looks like alnbum #4 is on the way very soon :cross: :runner:


Yep, saw this. Excited. Has he announced if we can pre-order yet? I actually have some money at the moment…