Christian Fitness - You are the Ambulance

I’ve just been in unsunny Cardiff recording Christian Fitness no.6 (title still to be plucked from my arse) so you can expect that before the end of the month, should you be down for expecting such things.


Excellent. I quite like the album title “Still to be plucked from my arse”, think it’s a keeper.


Awesome, out before the end of them month. I love the quick turnaround of recording to release in a few weeks.

First new song - Newly Colonised Moon


Another new one

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Lovely stuff

What’s with the thread title, is that the album name?

people of planet checks Ert (that’s right, yeah?). here is the first song from christian fitness (me, is falco!) record number 6, tentatively titled ‘daddy, who is daddy kissing?’ and out, god be flirted with, by the weekend. i am very proud of it blah blah who isn’t proud of their new record. a second song will follow later today because i am a fuckwit.

Ah, I got the email, hadn’t seen that

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Excellent stuff, loving the breakneck scrappy speed on real tennis, utterly relentless/pulverising. :smiley:

enjoying Newly Colonised Moon, less so Real Tennis

think i only ever gave the last album one or two spins on bandcamp, sounded pretty decent but not as strong as the 4th (the best), which i used as an excuse to jump off at that point instead of buying it so as to escape the impulse to keep buying every one of them on CD until either one of us dies.

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Going to wait to listen to the album as a whole ,usually I wouldn’t do this but as the album will be here so soon I will. I appreciate how quick he gets these out after recording. No 4 month promo cycle here.

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Can agree there. Slapp Bass Hunks was amazing. It’s a tie with Taco for my favourite. The last one I couldn’t warm to as much, though I admired it for it trying something new.

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Think Slap Bass Hunks is one of the best records in the Falco shared universe


It is an absolute beast

It just so happens that I have both Slap Bass Hunks and Taco on my local drive at work so that’s my mornings listening sorted.

That riff on the track Slap Bass hunks is just fantastic.

Have we ever ranked Falco-verse albums?

Taco is my marginal favourite of the CF records. Agree about the last record, although Hamsterland is one of the best album closers Falco’s done.

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Totally agree on Hamsterland. He’s pushing forward on the whole record but it doesn’t produce successful results on every track. A necessary step though.


Hamsterland and the closing track on Slap Bass Hunks feel like a real change in direction. Almost big film score type tracks. Be really interested to see if there’s anything like them on the new album