Christina Aguilera - Accelerate ft. Ty Dolla $ign, 2 Chainz (prod. by Kanye West)

there aren’t enough gif reactions in the world for this

i think it’s amazing?

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Think it does both a really good job of sounding minimal yet big t the same time, and considering how.embarrasing this couldve been (say if Madonna did it instead), it seems right for Christina.

not so sure about this one.

First minute is amazing, rest of it less so

Didn’t do anything I was expecting it to do, which I think is a good thing probably.

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My first reaction was it was just like The Life of Pablo, then I saw it was recorded with Kanye during those sessions. Has the same messy, all over the place, collage style. Reckon it’ll probably be marmite but I’m digging it

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boo, second single is really ordinary :frowning:

don’t worry, there’s 5 messy albums produced by kanye on the way!

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Get rid of the boring 2 Chainz bit and you’d have a certified banger. Love the Ty/Christina vocal interplay.

This is so good, one of my favourite songs of the year!