Christingle (did you?)


Did you Christingle?


Up there with Horrible Histories as a barometer of a middle class childhood.


religious dating service?

i googled it and i’m now more confused.


so did you?


I did not.


um…working-class catholic from an actual council estate. i assure you sir, we christingle’d.


So it seems as though STEVED is the Tory here


U wot?


another working-class catholic from an actual council estate.

literally never heard of it before now. seems to be an orange?


Going well so far


I confirm that it is a festive orange


for why


Dutch colleague baffled by it. But not mocking because Dutch Christmas traditions are WAY worse


And lo, the children had oranges and you did not. Good enough reason to want an orange


ah fuck i do want an orange


The only people I’ve ever met who’d ever made one (in as much as jamming a candle into an orange could be considered making anything) were dead posh.


Hello Xylo, I don’t know what Christingle is, I do remember Chris Dingle from Emmerdale though (I think)

Hope this helps.


no such character.

:no_entry::no_entry::no_entry::no_entry: joke is void :no_entry::no_entry::no_entry::no_entry:


Shit! Really? I felt certain there was. I’m sorry for letting everyone down.


ant, mate. there are so many dingle family tree images on the internet, it’s disrespectful not to do the research.

i’m panicking in case there’s a long lost cousin or something now