Christingle (did you?)


Of course they wouldn’t. You Christingle when the church damn well says so. You can’t do it whenever the fuck you want.


it’s sinterklaas today and we all got chocolate letters (first letters of our names) at work, so cute


I enjoyed this post.


Of course I did @xylo

Had a special song to the tune of 'the holly and the ivy’
Goes ’ the orange of christingle/the world reminds of…'
Actually sing it all the time.


Somehow this actually made me lol out loud


Middle class Catholic reporting in. You’ve made this up.


I grew up attending what you might call a non denominational church (where they were very much against anything that smacked of tradition). So whilst I was aware of Christingles, I never took part.

The girls will bring one home from the Christingle service and it’ll sit around in the kitchen gradually going soft.


wait a minute. you don’t even eat the fucking thing?


You eat the sweets.


Catholics denying knowledge of traditional orange customs; who’d have thought…?


yes (at an Anglican/Methodist church). bit weird but quite satisfying.


Loved this - we had to march around the church holding them - something always got set on fire. and then sweets! in a church!


no. and when i was about 9 and another kid asked if i was going to midnight mass, i had no idea what they were talking about and, being almost entirely unfamiliar with church services, thought they said midnight maths.


Fucking hell


Yeah - it was a thing at my c of e primary school. Constructed the dingle in school, service in the church where we all got to pass the fire around and eat the sweets at the end. Don’t think I ever ate the orange, bit wasteful really


Also used to have to make them at sunday school the week before it was.


I was raised catholic and have literally never heard of this


Portraits Of Balonz

what the fuck are you on about ?


Yeah our primary school made a big deal out of Christingle. Growing up in about as secular a household as you can get and not being au fait with such things, I thought it was a big deal in the Christian calendar. Like I dunno Lent or some shit. Then when I got to secondary school it turned out no other cunt did it, and I learned that it was all just a big fundraiser for The Children’s Society. So there you go.

Part of the thing was to go to the local church, light your Christingle and then walk out of the church in a line with it. My sister had her hair set on fire by the one being carried by the lad behind and had to go to hospital.

Oh and I don’t like Dolly Mixtures either.

So yeah, Christingle. Great show lads.