Christingle (did you?)


this has caused havoc in the bookshop. only half of us know that christingle exists and the rest are just totally at a loss


There’s always a star wars tie in isn’t there, guaranteed to make the whole thing ‘cooler’:


Eh? This whole thread has a feeling of this…


Yeah, been wary of glace cherries ever since.


flamin’ mad up for some dolly mixtures right now. Damn! might even have to nip into the most convenient dolly mixture selling superstore at lunch to snatch me some.

as for the question, of course i Christingled. It was the high point of the CofE calendar so far as I was concerned. I’d even fake not being ill, just to grab a segment of that action.


You can sack off all the other stuff, but the guilt never leaves you.


I’ve got a satsuma in my hand right now, might make a Christingle


Banned Act


read this in an alan partridge voice


This is a crazy thing.





Yep, every year.

Our village primary school was somehow linked to the CofE church. One Monday at the end of every November we’d be given a paper envelope to take home which parents were expected to put a quid or two in. We were then expected to be in church that Sunday where we’d be given a Christingle. This was the only expected attendance in church for the whole year, which is phenomenally odd in retrospect.

But… there’d be a really nice moment when all the children lined up down the aisle of the church with their lit candles, the lights would be turned off, and the children would sing Away In A Manger. Stood in a dusty old church lit just by candlelight with kids singing is a properly Christmassy memory.

Fuck, this sounds well posh. Disclaimer: most of us were council house kids.


I’m so sorry but I can’t hear you over your monocle and top hat


I think you’ll find that’s the tapping of my silver cane on my slate floor, you filthy oik.


the only time I’ve heard of this was in the context of a James Acaster routine


Brought up middle class catholic…it maybe rings a bell…but pretty sure not.
What we DID do in my house round xmas was put a load of cloves in oranges and put a ribbon around or some shit. Not sure why…for lovely smelly decor? but will be doing same with my son this xmas because that’s how traditions work


Cloves in oranges was something to do with the black death. Pomanders or something I think?


Can’t remember exactly what Christingle was all about but I can recall toasting mini marshmallows and jelly tots over a candle in the church.


Dad a vicar CoE, used to assemble dozens of these every year late into the night like some kind of Advent themed sweatshop (once having to use fiddly little boiled sweets mistakenly purchased by the Church Warden in lieu of dolly mixture). Service is actually pretty lovely