Christingle (did you?)


i liked your comment but with this caveat: biblical phraseology is absolutely amazing and language is all the better for it, no matter how secular we think we are. like with the quran, some bible quotes are so fucking epic i sometimes wonder if there’s a chance it might actually have been divinely inspired.


Yeah. I read that churches were often designed to intimidate the congregation. I guess the bible was written to do the same.


better days


yes, once


Never did them at Catholic church / school, but did at CofE affiliated brownies. Therefore can only assume it’s protestant nonsense.


Indeed it is. Originated in Germany a long, long time ago and popularised in England by the CoE to raise funds for (one of?) their charities.


In the UK its origins lie in charity collection for the Children’s Society (a CofE charity), but it has only really been a thing since the late-60s:


Nah I did it at my catholic church.


mum made me do one at her church when i was little. didnt know what was going on, held the candle way out in front of me and nearly set the priest on fire when he walked past. after the service saw some older kids running their fingers through the candle flame and tried it and burned myself. didnt get taken to another one.