Christmas 2017 Countdown Thread (Rolling)

231 days! :christmas_tree:


Get in the sea.


Fuck the absolute fuck off, mate.


Seems like we’ve got some of those “I don’t think about Christmas until John Lewis tells me I can” people in the thread. That’s a shame.

Every so often I see something in the shop and think of the DiS Secret Santa 2017.

I need to spend less time on DiS.



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Got your tree, yet?

I haven’t done any shopping yet! I’ll probably end up doing it all at the last minute* again this year!!! :astonished:


I’d better start buying presents!!

I don’t even know him!

Just think, if you (and this applies to @meowington as well) get your presents bought in the next month or so, that leaves around 200 days of relaxing in the knowledge that it’s all done. Imagine!

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I’ll probably just bring last year’s down (I don’t normally get a real tree). :christmas_tree:

I wonder what xmas chocolate wil be like this year
or what M&S will bring out


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I was in M&S yesterday - there was NOTHING.

Leaving it a bit late?

*231 sleeps

I heard a Christmas song this morning and it really made me wish it was Christmas.

  • cold
  • dark
  • stressful
  • hometowns

not rn thanks

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genuinely listened to Mary’s Boy Child yesterday

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It’s already cold and dark! And I don’t mind a couple of days in my hometown, as long as I’m gently sozzled the whole time.

Oh come on the wind’s a bit of a nuisance but it’s light practically all the time now.
I can’t wait for Summer (if it comes at all).