Christmas 2020 Countdown Thread

Some people may think its a bit early for it, but its a day closer than it was yesterday.

Holidays are coming!


just 358 more sleeps

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I bought some mince pies for 25p without noticing the sell by is today. We already have mince pies at home.

I have made a mistake.

Merry Christmas!

Do you think people will still celebrate Christmas then?

  • Yes
  • No

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They definitely won’t last 358 more days!

Booked off 29-31st December 2020 this morning. Bring it on.


Put them in the garden for, I don’t know, squirrels or something? Squirrels would probably lose their tiny minds over mince pies.

What do you reckon is the furthest date from Christmas (either way) that you have minced a pie?

Band Aid follow-up single needed work


And would then be executed by my cats. Cruel, Dongers, cruel.

Food chain in action. Squirrels probably wouldn’t even notice what was happening, still trying to process the flavour explosion they’ve just experienced.

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Stick em in the freezer for Christmas

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I threw a cabbage into the trees at the end of my garden on NYE.

I suppose we all have our little traditions


I have never minced a pie


A lot less conundrums and number rounds in this thread than the title led me to believe.
The presence of @TheBarbieMovie2023 is a comfort though.


Holidays Are Coming!

Trying to keep myself distracted so christmas comes faster

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Haven’t put the decs in the loft yet so this is good to know.