Christmas 2020

So I’m starting this now as there is now a real and genuine chance I won’t be able to go home for Christmas. The Isle of Man is still in full lock down right now, and they’ve just had a case pop up out of nowhere (an isle of man resident returning home contracted it after they got home).

I’m beginning to feel quite worried and sad, admittedly selfishly so. I’m an only child and I’ve gone home for Christmas every single year since I was at uni. There’s only me, my mum and my dad, and they’re getting on a bit. To add to this my mum was SERIOUSLY ill last christmas (pneumonia) and my last memory of seeing her in person is her waving me off at the airport absolutely dying - could barely breathe, no energy, crying her eyes out.

I’m quite a deep thinker and keep worrying about the possibility she might pass away before i get to see her again and it makes me feel really really angry. I know I shouldn’t feel this way, and obviously there’s no way in hell i’d want to put her in any risk, but i know she feels the same way too. We have these little christmas rituals like…drink shitloads of gin together and watch catchphrase.

Anyway. What’s the likelihood in your neck of the woods?


Hooooolidays are comin!

Dunno what’s happening this year, guess me and the rents might go down to Bournemouth to make it easier for my sister and her newborn. Whatever me mam wants to do really

thanks for reading my post and being sympathetic. eye roll xx


I think I probably won’t go home for xmas, too risky. Maybe pop over there to deliver presents. I feel ok about it at the moment but not sure how I’ll feel at the time, my mum will probably get upset about it and my boyfriend hates Christmas so I don’t have high expectations.

My partner will not be able to spend it with her family as things stand and I’m not certain we’ll make it down to my parents. Obviously will have to wait and see, but I’ll find it very difficult making it through our bleak winter without a regular Christmas

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Ah that sounds rough. Hope your mum is much better now, and sorry that at the moment things aren’t too optimistic about xmas.

I’m an only child too, and christmas with the parents is always just the three of us. It does make it a bit weird because it’s not the big event you see it depicted as and it can either be a lot more chill or claustrophobic, or even wildly swinging between the two. My parents don’t have many pals so I do feel a pressure to go back and it’s a stressful time. I am hoping to see them this Christmas though, considering how mad it’s been. I think they want me to go to them as well, though they wouldn’t admit that, and probably bring up politics within five minutes with the intention of getting me up a height. Fingers crossed, I think!

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I would be so up for a super early listenalong to xmas tunes

Might whack on some standards now tbh

Hope they relax some rules before Christmas, if you ask now about getting a negative test/passing the temp check etc would you still be allowed, there must be a few people in the same position so hopefully they are planning for it

For me Christmas was always just a day to stay home and watch films, we love and respect jesus in our house but don’t celebrate christmas, or any other prophet’s birthday. We barely celebrate our own tbh


Absolutely no idea what I’ll be doing.

We’re in France, my son is in the Netherlands and the rest of our families are in the uk. No idea what will happen :worried:

@tilty that sounds shit but do keep in mind that things with Covid change rapidly and worrying four months out will just make you feel rubbish.

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A former chief medicine dude from Oxford was on the radio the other day and was asked about whether people will be able to celebrate Christmas together, and he totally dismissed all the “Christmas is cancelled” fears and said that it’s pretty much inevitable that folks will visit their families to celebrate. There’s a long way to go till late December, and things like quick testing will probably be in a better state so folks can test themselves before driving up to mum and dad’s or whatever.



I’ve never appreciated receiving physical Christmas cards from people more than I do this year.

Like, normally I hate sending them and I’m ambivalent about receiving them, but I’m genuinely touched by some of the people who have unexpectedly sent them this year and it brings me real warmth.

Anyone else getting this or do I just love the environment being destroyed x

Yeah Mrs F has had a few unexpectedly from friends and it’s really cheered her up. Think anything nice or festive or in any way caring is massively amplified this year.