Christmas and queing

I only went to my Xmas party as it had bumper cars, and RonyD loves his bumper cars! I wasn’t disappointed, however when queuing to go on them 2 colleagues, sort of pushed in the que, half laughing/ half asking ’ u don’t mind if we jump in to be with our friends’…not so bad BUT 4 more of there friend tailgated them into ( so six ppl in total). THEN when the 4min slot was up they stayed on for a second round again good natured laughing saying ’ this our first time honest hahahaha’
I don’t like ppl not playing by the rules but knew if I said anything I wud have looked like the bad one!

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Don’t worry I bumped em good a real T-bone affair.


Used to hate going to Asda and the like the week before Christmas, you’d be stood there for yonks waiting to be served.

Then I moved to central europe and it’s like that every week of the year here, and everyone smells of BO and I really miss Christmas Asda :frowning:

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they don’t like a que on the continent that for sure. I am surprised there are not more confrontations

They sound like terrible people.
Not queuing, but there was a woman in m&s who I was stood next to and this shop worker put 3 reduced to clear pasta meals for people to take and she reached over and grabbed all 3, despite it being clear I wanted one. Unbelievable, geoff*

the geese are getting fat

Form an orderly que

I have always thought if queue jumper pushers in, then you should just walk and stand in front of them bcos how can they complain? They cant uphold rules they have just broken. Though I have never actioned this yet

This is a great idea, requires some gumption though. I believe in you, RonyD!


Seem to remember a story about some people queueing for a bus in London a few years back. Somebody pushed in the queue, there was a big argument and then the person standing immediately in front of the queue jumper let everyone behind them get on in front of him and the jumper.

In M&S a few weeks ago a woman just walked in front of me in the moving queue, but before she did she pushed me in the back with her shopping on purpose. I said “excuse me you just pushhed me out of the way!” and she rolled her eyes. Then I moved in front of her. When they called the next person (me) she tried it again and i was having absolutely none of it and did a little run to get around her and loudly snitched to the man on the till that she’d pushed me twice. He had no reaction. I was hoping he’d chuck her out or put her in shoppers detention.

Anyway. That was rude as hell.