Christmas cards

I’m not mad on them tbh, such a faff to buy for family members and that and ridiculously expensive if you buy nice cards, but not sending a card is pretty much a war crime in my family so… yeah.

Big question though: if the card says ‘Best wishes for Christmas and New Year’, ‘Wishing you a wonderful Christmas’ etc inside it, do you write anything like ‘have a great Christmas’ or just let the printed message convey the message?

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This is not a thread for ‘I don’t do Christmas cards ACTUALLY’, save yourself the effort. Don’t make me tap the sign!!

A short message in lieu of doing a Round Robin letter.

“we’re all fine”

Tend to get one with a printed message then add a couple of sentences undermeath

I’ve been making my own for the last few years. Well, not actually making them, just choosing a Christmassy picture and getting them printed up on Moonpig or wherever. This year I’ve done two, one is a Pissarro snow scene, the other is a Van Der Beek festive tableau.

They’re blank inside so I just write a different message for everyone

I used to love sitting in the pub for an afternoon, a few pints, my address book and a pile of Christmas cards. Not gonna happen this year though

come on santa…we still believe!!

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Actually I quite like doing them for friends as they are easier to personalise I think. Immediate family can be amusing too, it’s aunts and uncles where it’s like yeah we don’t really have in jokes so this is boring.

Only give them to my parents, sister and Mrs F so write a little message in each one and an essay in Mrs F’s thanking her for putting up with me for another year.

Didnt know you were in U2

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